Google Wasting Electricity With Les Paul Logo?

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Google's Les Paul Logo & GuitarGoogle has deemed the Les Paul logo for his 96th birthday to be so great and in such popular demand that they have decided to keep it up for another day on

Google said:

Due to popular demand, we're leaving the Les Paul doodle up in the U.S. for an extra day. Thanks for jamming with us!

For most of us, this is great. The logo is one of, if not the, best logos Google has ever made.

But not all are in agreement. Besides for those complaining it doesn't work or they find it annoying, which you will always have - some are saying it is a waste of energy and resources.

Vikramjit Kakati, Engineer & Researcher working on his PhD at the Indian Institute of Technology claimed Google wasted 10 Megawatts of electricity worldwide in a single day. He felt it was "wasted" and "it should be avoided" in the future.

I am not sure how he calculated this but he said it is part of his PhD thesis.

Want to argue with him?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Jill Whalen

06/10/2011 01:33 pm

Oh please. He needs to lighten up.


06/10/2011 01:34 pm

stupid next thing you know this guy will say today 1.21 gigwatts was wasted. At least we can power up the Delorian.


06/10/2011 01:53 pm

His 15 seconds of  fame.  Be negative about every thing.  He really had to dig deep to get his.

Ian Williams

06/10/2011 02:38 pm

Ian Williams, working in his office, claimed Vikramjit Kakati wasted 10 seconds of his time in a single day. He felt it was "wasted" and "it should be avoided" in the future.


06/10/2011 03:21 pm

He's a frickkin' moron. Something that makes you smile and he's wasting your time, another egghead we'll have to put up with!  

Michael J. Kovis

06/10/2011 03:31 pm

There always has to be one person to rain on the parade... Personally, I have found the logo to be quite awesome as my brother was my own guitar hero and respected Les Paul like no other. He had an original 1963 Les Paul Gibson as part of his arsenal, which made this logo even more entertaining for me.


06/10/2011 03:34 pm

Turn of this logo. I dont like it


06/10/2011 05:16 pm

10 Megawatts it not a unit of energy consumption, 10 Megawatt hours would be. I think it was just a sarcastic remark, not based off a calculation.


06/10/2011 05:44 pm

In honor of Thomas Edison and electricity connoisseurs ,The Team here at  Google will be leaving the Les Paul Google Doodle up indefinitely . Thank you for your patronage to those of you who like it. To those of you who do not like it , please build a bridge and get over it.                                                                                                         - Team Google -


06/10/2011 05:56 pm

party pooper.

Team Google

06/10/2011 05:56 pm

Update ! Please tune in next week when Team Google launches a new Google Doodle in honor of Time Travel , Unfortunately it will require the use of 50 trillion Tera watts per nanosecond and may cause  a planet wide blackout causing the entire planet Earth to implode and become a white hot dwarf the size of a Pinhead , but we are going to do it anyway.                                                                                                       Thank you have a safe and pleasant day                                                                                                                       - Team Google -


06/10/2011 06:37 pm

If you don't like it, search through bing.  Let's see what that gets you!

bla bla bla bla

06/10/2011 08:45 pm

Yeah, joy is a total waste of energy. Let us turn everything off and mumble to ourselves in the dark until we silently pass away.

Calwood Bachelor

06/10/2011 11:33 pm

Shouldn't that really be Nikola Tesla ...


06/11/2011 03:38 am

It's no joy when every time your mouse rolls over the logo you get some weird sounds... - to me it's very annoying, and not everyone knows of or is even interested in some guy they never heard of nor they will care for...


06/11/2011 03:40 am

Luckily, there's dogpile search engine.


06/11/2011 07:05 pm

Better turn off YouTube as well. Who knows how much energy is being wasted every day on videos of adorable kittens meowing or on guys getting hit in the groin with various foreign objects?


06/15/2011 07:59 pm

haha, Nick said it perfectly. 


06/15/2011 08:04 pm

Better turn off YouTube as well...we're wasting loads of energy on videos of cute kittehs meowing and nut shots via various objects. We should also get rid of facebook, twitter, hulu, and every other website that uses energy. 


06/15/2011 08:04 pm

haha, Copycat said it better than Nick.

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