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lunch break iconA WebmasterWorld thread started by forum moderator, martinibuster, asks link builders to share their top "lazy" link building ideas with others.

He started off by saying, doing link building in the early morning hours is hard. Instead, spend 30 minutes of your lunch break, every day, working on getting links. He wrote:

The morning might be a tough time for link building. Devote a half hour a day, after lunch?

For me, I think the lazy link building is not doing link building at all. Instead, give people a reason to want to link to you without asking for the link.

Of course, I am not a link builder, so what do I know.

Plus, webmasters and SEOs are beginning to fear linking or asking for links.

So what now? Share what you think works best in the forum thread.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/03/2013 04:23 pm

create only natural links. check your backlinks, find natural links, understand correct format & follow the google rules what you need to share good content.

Aspire Guru

09/04/2013 11:06 am

best way for backlinks guest posting and social bookmarking but be sure for your limits

Gracious Store

09/05/2013 02:35 am

Are there are maximum number of links you can build in a day so as to avoid your links being suspected as unnatural by "big brother"-Google?

Ashish Ahuja

09/07/2013 02:43 pm

I fell down laughing after reading this create only natural links and follow google rules - if you create any kind of links then you are not following google rules lol


09/09/2013 05:39 pm

no, even matt cutts tell what him not forbid us to create links ;) but of course it joke. but in every joke have part of truth ;)


09/13/2013 02:32 am


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