July 2013 Google Webmaster Report (Google Is Hot)

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Google Webmaster ReportIt was an incredibly busy month in the Google SEO/Webmaster world. Besides for Google announcing the spam algorithm, explaining about Panda's slower rollouts, releasing a new mobile ranking factor and pushing out a multi-week update, we've also seen a ton of chatter around a few updates in the past 30 days.

In fact, with this multi-week update, all the Google volatility tools are lighting up over the past few days. Here are screen shots from them:

Mozcast has been really hot for the past several days, which is not the norm:


SERPs.com is showing more volatility than normal over the past days:


SERP Metrics also is warmer than the average day recently:

SERP Metrics

A new tracker, Algoroo, also shows hot patterns recently:


But the main thing is that the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread does indeed have chatter. It is holiday weekend and pre-holiday weekend chatter but nevertheless, SEOs and webmasters feel something is going on. One webmaster said:

There's definitely a lot of flux, and it's in the head terms. We're seeing a significant amount of one to three position drops. Luckily visits and sales are mostly unaffected, thanks to long-tails.

So maybe that multi-week update has settled down as promised. I just wish Google would tell us more about it.

For the rest of the more important topics over the past 30 days:

Google Algorithms:

Google SEO: Google Webmaster Tools Links & Disavow: User Interface:

If you missed last month's recap, read the June 2013 Google Webmaster Report.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Graham Ginsberg

07/05/2013 02:10 pm

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain...

Dr. Pete

07/05/2013 04:32 pm

If this dies down the week after the holiday, which is the closest we have to information from Google, I'm going to definitely sit down and do a post-mortem of the MozCast data. I don't want to just say "Just ignore June - nothing to see here" and move on. That feels like admitting defeat.

Sprigley Allan

07/05/2013 05:56 pm

I just hope it cools down soon, not good for my sleeping patterns! lol

the sniga

07/06/2013 04:47 am

Is something boiling in Google ? I am decreasing over 60% my traffic from last night...


07/06/2013 09:43 am

Google is a criminal enterprise seeking to defraud customers by manipulating the search algorithm to show site that result in most clicks on ads. Google is desperate for new sources of revenue and is trying to kill organic search, despite what that POS, Mutt Cutts says. To webmasters: F Barry, Danny Sullivan and other paid shills. All your traffic and money is going to Google.

Stephen Moyers

07/06/2013 11:40 am

I really would like to admit that many dramatic changes have happened to Google from lat month and still continually changes are rolling out. Many webmasters have noticed drastic ups and downs and major fluctuations in rankings and traffic. Just to share my views that don't do any major changes to your on page according to SERP behavior for your rankings but just analyse your backlink profile, try to remove low quality links and earning very high quality authority links, put more efforts on social media signals and engage with your customers. Slowly but steadily you will get good results for your SEO campaign. Stephen.

Juan Manuel Garrido

07/06/2013 01:45 pm

Thank you Mr. Cutts, my wallet loves you.

Arabian Restaurant in Mangalor

07/08/2013 05:09 am

Google is desperate for new sources of revenue and is trying to kill organic search, despite what that POS, Mutt Cutts says..I like this one.. Thank you for sharing..


07/08/2013 06:51 am

I think that day is not too far when Google will start displaying majority of PPC results on SERP's rather then Organic results.

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