MozCast Shows Huge Google Update But SEOs Don't Agree

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Mozcast Google UpdateYesterday, MozCast, Moz's Google ranking volatility tool, reported the highest level of change in Google's search results in the history of MozCast. 113 degrees hot. Typically, on a normal day it will be in the high 60s or low 70s.

Why the huge temperature? The other tools such as and SERP Metrics reported normal days for Tuesday. And more importantly, I didn't see any chatter in the SEO forums that would signal a Google search algorithm or ranking update.

What set off MozCast? Dr. Pete explained what it might have been, giving a detailed look at the data but saying, he needs more time to give a definitive answer and even then, he might not know for sure.

One thing is for sure, I am 99% certain there was no major ranking change yesterday. The forums and level of discussion in those forums did not spike at all. In fact, it seemed like an incredibly slow day over the past 48 hours.

Heck, even the threads talking about the MozCast numbers have dozens of webmasters saying they didn't see any ranking changes. In fact, I don't see anyone claiming they see a negative or positive change in their rankings (outside of the normal site penalties or bugs causing deindexing) in the forums.

The threads talking about the MozCast numbers include Google+, BlackHatForums and the ongoing WebmasterWorld.

I should note, we did suspect an update on June 19th and Matt Cutts did say there is a multi-week update rolling out now.

But again, the SEO space is very quiet now about ranking changes in Google. Maybe Google is playing with MozCast? ;-)

Did you see any changes in the past 48 hours or so with your rankings in Google.

Forum discussion at Google+, BlackHatForums and WebmasterWorld.

Update: Friday Moz is showing 120 degrees. Not sure what is up:

mozcast 120

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