Google Analytics IQ Lessons Impossible To View

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The Google Analytics Forum has several complaints about the Google Analytics IQ Lessons videos being way too hard to view.

The issue is, Google redesigned the Google Analytics home page and with that, it shrunk the viewing space of these IQ videos.

Here is a picture, you can click on it to enlarge:

click for full size

As you can see, it is hard to make out the words in these videos.

My only big question is why are these not YouTube videos or Google Docs presentations? Why Adobe?

Forum discussion at Google Analytics Forum.

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Calum Shepherd

04/03/2012 08:08 am

Right click the link and open in a new window? Problem solved? 


04/03/2012 01:46 pm

Since I simply don't learn from a video, I ended up creating a Word doc, pasting in the lecture notes and screen shots of the examples on the video to create a written study guide. Kind of a nuisance, but necessary for me


12/07/2012 09:03 pm

This is what I'm planning to do too! Do you by chance have your study guide & would you be willing to share?

Google Analytics

03/31/2013 01:50 am

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