Google's Cutts On Big SEO Myths Are...

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google matt cuttsGoogle's Matt Cutts released a video on the topic of some of the largest SEO myths out today.

He broke it down into two categories:

(1) Ads and their influence on organic results.

(2) Quick fixes to break Google's algorithm.

On the ads from, Matt Cutts said there are two myths. (1) If you buy ads, your organic rankings will go higher. (2) If you don't buy ads, your rankings will go higher. He also added that people think that Google makes changes to their organic results to drive more people to buy ads. All of this is untrue and a myth according to Matt Cutts.

On the quick fix end, Matt said there is too much "group think" in the forums and black hat forums. He said he sees this all the time where for a couple months one person will say tactic X works awesome, then a few months later, tactic Y and so on. For example, someone might say article directories work, then later guest blogging, then later link wheels and this process goes on and on. Also, someone might say a specific tool works very well. Matt said, the truth is, if someone found a loop hole, they wouldn't sell it as an ebook or software product, they'd use it themselves for as long as possible before others catch on.

Here is the video:

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Barry Adams

04/17/2014 12:48 pm

"He also added that people think that Google makes changes to their organic results to drive more people to buy ads. All of this is untrue and a myth according to Matt Cutts." Bollocks.


04/17/2014 01:30 pm

Woah, hehe... Dude, Wild Stallions!


04/17/2014 01:35 pm

so all the gurus on WF and the WSO's are crap, say it isnt so lol.


04/17/2014 01:39 pm

Evidence? With, y'know, scientific levels of rigour please. What do you mean, you don't have a control group?


04/17/2014 01:41 pm

any search result basically where the organic placement is below the fold. there's your evidence.


04/17/2014 01:51 pm

Since you are asking for evidence, please show us any that you may have.

Yo Mamma

04/17/2014 01:53 pm

Thank you for this very good information Mr. Cutts. I have grown to believe everything you say to be the truth and will quote you verbatim. You are my hero. And Google has nothing to do with any financial gain when supporting these reckless pranksters posting videos online while traumatizing neighborhoods, like the recent child abduction case


04/17/2014 01:54 pm

"Matt said, the truth is, if someone found a loop hole, they wouldn't sell it as an ebook or software product, they'd use it themselves for as long as possible before others catch on." - So all those who criticize Matt should take this statement very seriously. There's no point in criticizing him for your loss in ranking or traffic, Google or Matt are not going to reveal it all so that you can achieve Page 1 rank right at the first go. Most of the SEO's who criticize Matt criticize him for the same thing that Google does not reveal what exactly should be done to rank well. But isn't that a bit OVER-THE-TOP kind of expectation, I mean if they reveal all then what difference would be left between you and the next SEO guy you meet. I guess we need to work intelligently around what Matt puts forward, he might not be telling you the entire truth but hell he is inst lying either

Yo Mamma

04/17/2014 01:57 pm

There is no intelligence in what he says or his videos. The mere fact that anyone thinks otherwise is a litmus test indicating zero intelligence


04/17/2014 02:01 pm

More propaganda from the multi-Billion dollars money machine. Yeah it has nothing to do with profit is is for the good of people what a pile of BS..


04/17/2014 02:08 pm

well if you say so then you say so :)

Durant Imboden

04/17/2014 02:18 pm

Since so many SEOs have a theological approach to Google and SEO (e.g., "Matt Cutts is Satan"), maybe it's time to introduce Russell's Teapot:

Barry Adams

04/17/2014 02:45 pm



04/17/2014 02:49 pm

If you look closely above my post you'll spot someone who KNOWS how Google works offering evidence about this (whilst wearing a stylish, witty T-Shirt). I admit this isn't empirical, nut that's sort of my point, y'know? F*** it, let's go bowling.

Andrew Cilio

04/17/2014 04:53 pm

There's a more pressing question to be asked here: How does Cutts keep a football shirt from 1988 from going full-on Bacon Collar after 26 years?! Forget search and organizing the world's information, Google needs to market and sell whatever Matt has cooking in his closet ASAP.

Yo Mamma

04/17/2014 05:04 pm

European, Mathias Dopfner critical of Google's wide reach. "He referred to a long-running dispute between Google and the European Commission, which involved accusations that the search company gave favourable treatment to its own products in search results. He said the agreement would still allow Google to discriminate against competitors in search results. " "Today there is a global network monopoly. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that there are transparent and fair criteria in Google's search results."

Jesse Friedman

04/17/2014 05:06 pm

San Dimas High School Football Rules!


04/17/2014 05:20 pm

Changes to the results page layout are not changes to the organic ranking algorithm. All you are demonstrating here is that Google is better at selling ads than DuckDuckGo is. If DuckDuckGo had a tenth of the search traffic Google did, I bet they would be eager to sell more ads, too. Infrastructure is expensive.

Jacek Grudniewski

04/17/2014 05:45 pm

Best search results for regular Users - another myth...


04/17/2014 06:08 pm

Or... Matt just told you that if he had a money making exploit he would keep it secret from you. Now think about that for a minute.


04/17/2014 06:10 pm

Matt just told you that if he had a money making exploit he would keep it secret from you. Now think about that for a minute.


04/17/2014 06:35 pm

That is a rediculous example as the search term is a branded term.

Josh Zehtabchi

04/17/2014 06:41 pm

This just in. CitiBank CEO claims they donate all profits to 501-C3 non-profits.


04/17/2014 06:48 pm

No its not... you get the same effect for "used cars" "seo software" etc... 98% of the above the fold real estate is sponsored ads. "Because those are the results normal searchers want"...


04/17/2014 06:50 pm

They are when they push organic results lower on the page or to page 2. You #1 organic becomes #4 if there are 3 ads pushing your result below the fold.


04/17/2014 06:54 pm

It's not irrational paranoia when changes Google makes causes businesses to downsize or close. You are very lucky if you didn't have to let employees go in the past 5 years because your long tail search volume evaporated after the caffeine, mayday, and instant Google updates.


04/17/2014 06:55 pm

I think rather than moaning about how bad google is, just tell everyone you know how fantastic DuckDuckGo is. Before you know it, Google will be synonymous with AltaVista. It really is that easy. If the COMMUNITY (you know the community that google coveted at the start) tells everyone what a sham google results are and how disgusted you are that google organizes their tax affairs so as to contribute next to nothing to every community it operates in then before long, people really will associate google with trash. Unless of course google really does do a good job!!!! Believe it or not the power is in your hands to make google either die or comply. Personally I am hoping they die. Far too much influence and zero morals.


04/17/2014 08:34 pm

Ok another person proving another myth . Sell this evidence as a e-book because you don't keep it to yourself. Before everyone knows to influence the seo by buying ads. Lol

Frank Rizzo

04/17/2014 09:38 pm

So this video just drives home the fact that everything he is saying is the exact opposite. What about sape links and 301"s,,woops off to my ebook....

Durant Imboden

04/17/2014 11:18 pm

"It really is that easy." Not without infrastructure.


04/18/2014 12:56 am

Yes, Google is moving to this as the best proof is to view the statistics site where 80% of the words that come from visitors from the search engines do not appear to have you to turn to ads and also Facebook previously you hereby publication up to 90% of the fans on the page but now does not more than 50% and you have to go to the ads

Jitendra Vaswani

04/18/2014 06:37 am

Yes these myths are very common among webmasters. Some webmasters still follow old tactics to rank websites

Jitendra Vaswani

04/18/2014 07:01 am

Google is killing organic searches now


04/18/2014 09:33 am

This can never happen while in every thread, in every forum, Durant (Editorial Guy) is there to relentlessly defend and steer the direction away from google negativity. A online grass roots movement starting with webmasters and the forums they visit could start a revolution but only a unified effort without Durant would work.


04/18/2014 10:25 am

Google using quick fixes to break Google's algorithm, so it not myths. Google working hard to destroy their search engine and make it useless.


04/18/2014 10:40 am

google is best, in making money on corpses of small webmasters.


04/18/2014 11:40 am

What "new" tactics do you use?

Patti Paz

04/18/2014 11:59 am

In General, from reading these comments, it looks like Google is having a P.R. nightmare. As I have written for a long time, Google's road to its current success, PROFITS, is paved with dead websites along the way. At my age, I can remember when General Motors had just about the same attitude. I think they even used the term, 'what's good for GM, is good for the country' or something to that effect.

Chintan Shah

04/18/2014 12:37 pm

More people more thoughts there is real ending to this, Other geeks have thier own opinion and matt cutts, It is advisable to stick your tactics in a niche way with out any black hat tactics, build Good reputation of yours and you will be on top


04/18/2014 12:41 pm

that all is cheat and lie. google unable to rank sites now without white list. They forget what a lot of different people creating internet websites. So their "anchor control", "backlink type control", "velocity control", "penalties" are totally wrong thing. They created that "rules" based on youtube and wikipedia, all other sites will have another picture.


04/18/2014 12:47 pm

i think him have a secret exploits guide for their partners.


04/18/2014 12:49 pm

we need anti-google revolution! stop the corrupted monopolist.


04/18/2014 12:51 pm

it just another 50% of increase of their revenue. Nothing so big, actually they lose more when launched panda (according to matt cutts). In reality they lose more - TRUST


04/18/2014 12:52 pm

we need to ask him to sell us that secret book of google exploits.


04/18/2014 12:55 pm

yes, matt cutts, we believe you. I think google making changes in their organic search results (and adding more adwords ads) to support homeless people. But here is no such evidences.


04/18/2014 12:57 pm

him is evil, it his words "google is not evil", but since 2012 - Google Is a huge EVIL.


04/18/2014 01:20 pm

I heard a seo few days back, mentioning that if you do adwords, you rank high, Myth by people say this often..

Chintan Shah

04/18/2014 01:34 pm

i totally unable to understand what you want to convey

Faisal Jamal

04/18/2014 03:03 pm

It means that Google found a loop hole in making trillions through ads and by manipulating organic search results >>>If you buy ads, your organic rankings will go higher

custom upfits dot com

04/18/2014 04:01 pm

I have yet to use a single ad words campaign, and I don't think i ever will. I rank fantastic for the majority of my keywords in a tough market, and i use WiX, which people say is crap for SEO. i am scared to death to try any blackhat seo and I follow mat cutts religiously, and i dont feel like he has steered me wrong

04/21/2014 10:51 pm

Do you really think he would openly admit that rankings are manipulated so that traffic is directed to paid results? How are they making money it from providing relevant results, or is it from selling sponsored listings? Do they earn more money when more traffic goes through those sponsored listings?

Hanoi Guide

04/22/2014 02:26 am

Sometime I wonder that If i have a keyword rank on the first pages of google page results, for example top #5. Then how my google adwords with that keywords is displayed on the first page?

Vineet Waldia

04/22/2014 08:03 am

Please confirm (1) If you buy ads, your organic rankings will go higher. (2) If you don't buy ads, your rankings will go higher. ??


04/26/2014 01:55 pm

Yes, that means it doesn't matter if you will buy ads, your rankings will go up or go down if they should go up or go down.

Gracious Store

04/29/2014 02:44 am

Cutts thanks we have heard what the myths are, could you please tell us in your own words without leaving room for any guess work, what the truths about how to rank high on organic search are?

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