Google Reunion Commercial Is Heartwarming Even In A Different Language

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Normally I do not share commercials or heavily promoted videos from Google but this is heartwarming. Google shared on Google+ a commercial they are running, I assume in India, named "Google Search: Reunion."

It is a short video showing how human passion and hope can overcome time and borders. In this story, a woman in India reunites her grandfather with his childhood friend (who is now in Pakistan) following six decades of separation since the partition of India - with a little help from Google. We hope this is a reflection of the many stories of reunion.

Here is the video:

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Avinash Lewis

11/13/2013 03:25 pm

The things shown in Video are so touching.... 10 points to the person who made the add and the ad is real aswell... i tried to search and the same results came up... Cheers

Ashish Ahuja

11/13/2013 08:39 pm

nice, I remember finding one old friend who went out of station and I had not contact with him by locating his village phone number using internet, google and mtnl telephone directory


11/13/2013 08:58 pm

Great adds have this strange way of making you feel real good inside, no?!?

Moin Shaikh

11/14/2013 02:28 pm

That is a wonderful and a speechless creation from Google. But i as an Indian is more surprised by seeing this ad being shared by many influencing people across the world. Thank you Barry. There is something that connects us and keeps us connected - Love, Heart and Technology :)


11/14/2013 06:59 pm

Such a touching ad, and what wonderful acting by the two "old friends"... the raw emotions portrayed by them seemed so genuine! Reminded me of my grandmother's recollections of her youth in West Bengal, India before the partition forced her family to move to Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). I cannot imagine the trauma and the pangs of separation faced by those who had to flee from their homes back then. Thank God for modern technology that we are not completely cut off from those who we love.

venkat seo

11/15/2013 10:53 am

Really cool video with heart touching feel :)


11/15/2013 12:24 pm

I watched this ad many time. Its really touching. Even though its in hindi language, you can understand by CC option in youtube. Sad that most of people don't know about close caption option.

Rafia Awan

11/15/2013 01:36 pm

Deeply touched


11/16/2013 03:17 am

This is good!

Shivam Mahajan

11/25/2013 04:19 pm


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