Remove Your Site In Google? Reinclude Takes Very Little Time

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A Google Webmaster Help thread has a Googler claiming that if you use the remove content feature in Google Webmaster Tools, reincluding that content takes less than a few days.

Google Webmaster Tools has a feature under Site configuration > Crawler access > Remove URL that let's you remove your site or URLs of your site from Google. If you do this, Google allows you to reinclude that URL within 90 days of the request to get the content back within Google. This is called reincluding content and Google said:

When you use the URL removal tool to remove content from Google's search results, that content will not appear in search results for a minimum of 90 days. However, assuming that you have made the required changes (updated robots.txt, added meta tags, or password-protected content to prevent it being crawled) and kept them in place, it should naturally have dropped out of our index, and you shouldn't need to worry about this content reappearing later.

On that page, Google said "requests are usually processed within 3-5 business days." But the Google Webmaster Help has Jack from Google saying it "rarely takes more than a few days for the site to back in the results."

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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aluminium kozijnen

01/20/2011 07:42 am

Thanks for this explanation.. Reinclude takes time is very little.. Buy Advair | Buy Avapro

kamran Ayyub

09/23/2013 07:15 am

Great explanation. Similar problem I am facing and now I reinclude site url directory. Hopefully results will come soon.


01/08/2014 01:04 am

Do you remember how long did it take for you? Thanks!

kamran Ayyub

01/08/2014 05:37 am

It took only one hour for my site to appear again.


01/08/2014 11:47 am

Correct! My site is back in Google again, it took just few hours. Thanks!

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