Who Are Google Quality Raters?

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Google Quality RatersPotPieGirl wrote an excellent post named Google Raters : Who Are They?

The post examines the an open discussion forum where these Google Quality Raters hangout and ask questions about their daily tasks.

In summary, here findings include:

  • Google Quality Raters are hired via Lionbridge, Leapforce and Butler Hill and not Google.
  • They take a two part exam to qualify
  • The pay isn't bad but the work isn't consistent ($12 – $15 per hour & 10-20 hours per week)
  • Google has raters for about 8 years
  • They rate search results (but don't have to see the landing page to rate)
  • They are required to rate 30 per hour
  • Do ratings by these raters impact search quality directly?
I am told by some other Quality Raters that not everything written in this document is legit. I did not get into specifics yet nor did I verify they are really quality raters. In any event, reading it really cannot hurt.

Forum discussion at Google +.

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11/21/2011 03:10 pm

Troubling yet expected comment from Matt Cutts  "Normally we do not comment on ranking methods but I’ll explain a misconception: input from manual raters is used only in the rarest of cases when a non-brand cracks the top ten for high value money terms." Some other guy named Tester also chimed in " “I never had any doubt – if an unfamiliar site starts ranking for a big money term it will get a manual check. That doesn’t mean it can’t rank ever, but if the manual raters question the ranking as well, then its time on top will be limited.”"

Barry Schwartz

11/21/2011 03:34 pm

That is not Matt.


11/21/2011 03:52 pm

It has Matt's tone and accurately mirrors what we've been seen on page one so far. For 'high value money terms' almost all page #1 sites also have an adwords ad. Is that Tester quote accurate?


11/21/2011 08:17 pm

Think, you're right, it doesn't follow his MO, tone and structure seems off.


11/21/2011 08:21 pm

Matt Cutts November 19, 2011 at 3:26 pm/@YoungbloodJoe That’s a fake comment by someone impersonating me. I didn’t write that.

Facebook Fan

11/23/2011 10:22 am

 What is the rates of other search engine i know Google is best search engine and give you important in every type of way like marketing selling buying and searches what is the important quality that in Google other search engine don't have can you define here.


12/12/2011 04:36 pm

As Barry said, it's not Matt:  http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/beware-of-fake-matt/

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