WhoCalld.com Admits Phone Number Sites Are Google Spam After Matt Cutts Debate

Jun 9, 2014 • 8:59 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

whocalld google spamAs you may remember, Matt Cutts and the Google web spam team is not all that happy with phone number sites. They simply dislike how many of them do not add "value add" to the experience and thus have gone after them for the past couple years.

More interesting to me is the conversation Google's Matt Cutts had with one of these site operators, Whocalld, over the weekend on Twitter.

The first tweet was initiated by Whocalld complaining that the site is not spam:

Then add the end, Whocalld basically admits that all, including their site, is spam.

Here is a picture of the tweet, just in case they decide to remove it later.

If you read through the conversation, you'd find it fairly interesting. Again, here is the whole thread, if it is partially deleted (click to enlarge):

click for full size

Now, Matt Cutts may be having his team go through this again and weed out even more phone number sites from Google:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Yo Mamma

06/09/2014 02:00 pm

Google is the world's biggest SPAMMER. Oh, they know it too

Michael Martinez

06/09/2014 02:11 pm

As someone who uses phone number sites several times a month, I wish Google would pick one and leave it alone. The WhoCalld site seems to be pretty useful and interesting compared to most. I wonder which site Matt personally prefers to use (of course, I don't expect him to just ENDORSE one but he could at least LINK to it).

Josh Zehtabchi

06/09/2014 03:33 pm

The image you posted, even when expanded, is of horrible quality.

Alexander Hemedinger

06/09/2014 07:29 pm

Just zoom in 1000000% and you can make it out a little bit haha!

Durant Imboden

06/09/2014 08:14 pm

I'm surprised that Google doesn't simply display the information for a reverse phone-number lookup in a Knowledge Graph box, if it's available (or say "Unavailable" if it isn't).

Hiten Singh

06/10/2014 12:22 pm

These kind of websites should not be marked as spam. They have a different kind of model, information is not big in quantity however useful. @durantimboden:disqus - Knowledge graph and one word results are good however I always stuck with how can Google pick up this information from a website without their permission. For lot of queries you would not find a link of original source.

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