The New Google AdWords Partners Logo

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Google AdWords Partners Logo

Google has completely redone the AdWords Partners Logo. I suspect it has to do with Google's new branding coming to AdWords, that we spotted earlier.

The new logo, well, looks nothing AdWords like now. In fact, it is almost hard to know what this relates to. But again, that might change when/if Google launches their new AdWords branding?

Rob Mass posted this on Google+, he is a Google Partner, and he isn't too happy about the change. He said:

The new logo for AdWords Partners, but where is the connection with AdWords?

You can see the logo placement on his partner page over here.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Szymon Slowik

10/15/2013 07:22 am

I'm quite sure that it is connected with Penguin 2.1 update and general Google offensive against buying links and other practices competetive for AdWords. Message is clear: only Google can sell links ;)


10/16/2013 05:09 am

How much does Google's links cost? Do they sell them in bundles or a single link each?

Szymon Slowik

10/16/2013 06:58 am

...Have you ever used Google AdWords?


10/16/2013 02:22 pm

Sure I have, but I don't have the capital to sustain it

Szymon Slowik

10/17/2013 07:01 am

Then if you used AdWords, you should know that "Google's links" cost differently - it depends on keyword, competitors, quality of landing page (correlation between keyword and content od site) etc.


10/18/2013 04:17 am

I know Google charges differently for different adword ads which depends on keyword in the ads though, I do not know other factors that are used to determine the cost of each adword ads. So does the cost of adword ad the same as the links Google sells?

Szymon Slowik

10/18/2013 07:18 am

While writing "only Google can sell links" I've meant adwords. Because Adwords ads are in effect links to your site that you pay for.


10/18/2013 03:53 pm

OK, I understand now, it makes sense. Do you buy Google's links? If you don't we have something in common, I don't buy Google's links. If you don't mind we can have something else in common; can we exchange links? If Google will not strike our heads with penguin 2.0. What is your site about? I sell apparel and jewelry, so if you are interested we can exchange links and forget buying Google's links. On my site I have a page "link to us", it contains codes you can add to you source code and if you have something equivalent, I'll certainly reciprocate

Szymon Slowik

10/19/2013 10:30 am

I use Google AdWords for business websites I manage. Sorry, I'm not interested in links exchange like this.


10/19/2013 11:10 pm

Thanks I appreciate your response

Szymon Slowik

10/21/2013 07:10 am

No problem, take care

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