SearchMetrics Study Confuse Webmasters Over Google Panda Update

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google panda ukAs you know, Google pushed out version two of the Farmer/Panda update globally this week and more webmasters and SEOs are scratching their heads.

SearchMetrics released a study of what they say are the top 100 domains with the greatest gains and losses for the UK region. The thing is, people are questioning its accuracy.

A WebmasterWorld thread has people looking at the numbers as if they are indeed related 100% to the Panda update being rolled out in the UK. But as Google said, the rollout has not happened until this Monday and the data used in this report is from as far back as the Thursday before. The study said, "data was collated between the 5th & 12th of April 2011." Google 100% said it was not pushed out until the 12th. So what we saw late last week was not Panda rolling out and thus might make this data invalid.

That being said, they can easily run this report again and compare the results.

Anyhow, you can see many charts and data on the SearchMetrics blog. Here is one on eHow UK's drop:

click for full size

Do you feel these results are accurate?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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caveat emptor

04/13/2011 01:07 pm

The Guardian has spoken to the owner of one of the tech sites affected and it seems Search Metrics was accurate for his site.

Marcus Tober

04/13/2011 02:05 pm

Hey Barry, I'm Marcus from Searchmetrics. We double checked the numbers and Google definitely rolled out Panda this Monday. We have historical data for around 8 million UK keywords for the last 10 months. ;) Cheers Marcus

Barry Schwartz

04/13/2011 02:20 pm

Thanks for the confirmation...


04/13/2011 03:19 pm

From the API ? or what the "users" will see ?

Mike Rants

04/13/2011 05:17 pm

No, they weren`t. Just look across the web and twitter to catch the latest reactions of angry companies and webmasters.


04/13/2011 05:50 pm

Das Problem mit euch Jungs von Searchmetrics (ich weiss, dass ihr hier mitlest) ist, das ihr mir einfach zu wenig kundenorientiert seid. Da werden auf nette E-mail-Anfragen einfach nur patzige Antworten gegeben, und auch so mangelt es euch irgendwie an Interaktion. Ausserdem nervt der Umstand gewaltig, dass ihr durchgestylte, SEO-optimierte Blogs in Nischenthemen betreibt, euren "Kunden von morgen" damit mächtig das Wasser abgrabt und euch somit schon mal richtig beliebt macht. (Kommt mir bloss nicht mit "zu Testzwecken", da werden zum Teil ja nicht mal lange, sinnvolle und themenrelevante Kommentare mit einem NF-Link gewürdigt!). Zu guter Letzt werden natürlich in euren sinnigen Montatsanalysen immer schön subtil eure "Grosskunden" gelobt...subjektiver gehts kaum, wie man ja jetzt an der Panda-UK Sorry bei euch gesehen hat. ;-) Ganz dicken Gruss nach Berlin ;-) Markus


04/14/2011 01:00 am

The update hit Monday afternoon - but for a number of sites (including two of mine - one US and one UK) there was a measurable slide leading up to the drop - started somewhere around the 6th. Maybe not every site saw a similar decline, but a number of people are reporting a similar trend. Didn't see this trend prior to Panda pt. 1

Chris Further

04/15/2011 08:43 am

We have the owner of one site listed as seeing large traffic drops dispute the data, saying he has seen no change in traffic on our own blog post here - Comments suggest that this data is not as accurate as it may seem.

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