Bug: Google Maps House Numbers Go Missing

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There are several reports in the Google Maps Help forums that all of a sudden, the house numbers listed on Google Maps are now gone. This seems to only affect some countries, not the U.S. and others but countries like Austria, Germany, New Zealand and many others.

Here is a screen shot of a maps of Germany from a few years ago with house numbers and now today, without it:


Google Maps House Numbers Go Missing


Google Maps House Numbers Go Missing

Yes, Google updated the maps internationally a while ago, but the house numbers were there. Now, they are gone.

Daniel from Google replied saying:

Thanks for reporting this. We are currently working on finding the root cause of the issue. I'll be back here later in the week to report any updates.

Some Google Maps users are pretty upset, saying:

If they are gone forever, it'll change my working life profoundly, for the worse.

Yea, it is only a bug - it appears.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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10/13/2011 02:08 pm

hi i am from australia still no house no on google map i wonder when they will come back ???


10/15/2011 11:23 am

I deliver papers and I really need this when adding customers to the correct position in the run book! Cheers


10/25/2011 05:09 am

Hi, what happened to "I'll be back here later in the week to report any updates"???


11/05/2011 12:07 pm

How long does Google usually take to fix a bug?  Because these numbers have been missing for awhile now. I don't believe it is a bug...otherwise it would have been fixed by now -


06/21/2012 06:13 am

Still waiting - what is going on? Seems a very long time to fix a bug that they introduced and that they don't have globally!


06/26/2012 01:57 am

in google maps - right click on the property in question. select "What's here?" and the property address will come up. A bit of a pain as you have to do each property individually - but at least a temporary solution until google sorts itself out.

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