Google Steps Up Local Results For Product Queries?

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Every Google searcher has seen the in your face Google local results when conducting basic searches that may have local intent.

Google Local Results

It seems like Google has stepped up the number of queries that they feel should show local results.

A WebmasterWorld thread has some webmasters saying they are now seeing more local traffic from Google. The terms they ranked for in Google, specifically product names, are now showing up in the local results. He said:

It's a site about a specific type of product. It's old and well linked. It's often copied but never duplicated. It took places to take it out.

What bothers me is that a search for this product, which is sold in various stores everywhere, does not require you enter a location in your search terms to return Google places results first.

I am not sure if this is indeed true, but we do know Google is getting stricter with product feeds specifically knowing local inventory. So it makes some sense.

But guess what, web design and SEO companies won't rank for local terms still. Google made a decision years ago that when people are looking for a good SEO company or web design company, location does not matter. I can't speak for SEO companies, but from a web development company, I know most of our clients love that they can come to our office in New York and meet face to face with us.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Antonio Coleman

07/18/2011 01:23 pm

I do understand about seo also because that can be done anywhere..but people need to be able to visit the local webdesign office. "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"


07/18/2011 03:44 pm

 More pageviews and ad clicks for Google less for us. No end in sight for this either

Joseph @ SEO Goa

07/19/2011 02:27 am

I Know that for certain places local search results do turn up web design and SEO companies  for  certain search terms. For example try  seo goa,   search engine optimization goa    or web design goa  in   or 

Elliot Kadin

07/19/2011 10:55 am

Google step indicate for Business to get your business found on local search results with map.

Elliot Kadin

07/19/2011 10:58 am

Google local business listing indicate for Business to get your business found on local search result with google map.

Dave Fowler

07/19/2011 03:18 pm

I'm starting to see Places results appearing for more head terms that do not contain a specified location, although this remains inconsistent. As an example, I've only just started seeing Places results for the head term 'gifts'. Last week these 'gifts' Places results started at position #4 on the page, today the Places results are commencing after #7. Places results are also showing for 'flowers', 'menswear' and 'books', starting in #4 for each of those terms.  Those are major terms for online businesses in each niche, of course, so it looks like, for ecommerce businesses, the top 3 positions for head terms are going to become even more critical. P.S. For me, the sudden uplift in the appearance of Places results for non-geographic head terms appears to have coincided with Panda 2.2 rolling out, although I don't believe these occurences are related.

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09/03/2011 02:08 pm

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