Google PageRank Losing Trust Amongst Webmasters?

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Google PageRankWe had a Google Toolbar PageRank update last month and noticed that had a PR of 9, whereas Facebook had a PR of 10.

Over the weekend, many started noticing Twitter had a PR of 0. A clear sign of a bug somewhere, either on Twitter's side or Google's side.

Anyway, I feel like more and more webmasters are trusting Google's PageRank less. Which is mostly a good thing.

I won't get into why it is a good thing, most of my readers heard it a hundred times from me. But why is it a bad thing? Well, PageRank is Google's trust indicator. If users,webmasters and SEOs trust it less, then what does that make PageRank to them or to Google's branding?

A WebmasterWorld thread has one senior member saying, "pagerank scale seems stretchy!" Not sketchy, I know but the user is wondering why the numbers seem off from what he is use to historically, leading to less trust. He said,

A guess - they stretched the pagerank scale. It takes more links of equal value to achieve the same as fewer could before the update. had enough pagerank value to equal 8 prior to the update but afterwards that same value is only worth a 7.

What do you think?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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