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I spotted a Google + by Googler Susan Moskwa who posted some follow up questions and answers from a webmaster hangout she ran with Pierre Far a few weeks ago.

The questions were interesting in that two of the three questions were around where does Google link to when displaying certain information in the search results.

Here they are:

(1) Authorship markup: If you have an author profile on a site you contribute to, you can include that profile page in your authorship markup (by linking your articles to your author page, and cross-linking that page with your Google Profile). But if/when we show authorship annotation next to your articles, we'll link to your Google Profile URL, not to the author profile page on your site.

Google Authorship Link

(2) YouTube Embeds: Currently if you host videos on YouTube and embed them on your site, when those videos appear in our search results they'll link to the YouTube page where they're hosted, not to the page on your site where they're embedded (contrary to what's implied in this blog post.

Most of us know this but apparently Susan was asked these questions enough times to post them on her Google + profile. Of course, this will fuel some fire for both Aaron Wall and Michael Gray.

Do you think Google should link to the publisher more? I.e. link to the embedded URL and link to the author's bio page instead of YouTube and Google +, respectively.

Forum discussion at Google +.

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Isha Singh

11/15/2011 09:46 pm

As Google follows some algorithms they may also counting their products and services with the algorithm. so, they are linking plus promoting their services.

bangla news

11/16/2011 05:08 am

Google always like some extraordinary things done by the seo masters. And some seo professionals always try to find some new method to get them in search result quickly. 

Bike Finder

11/17/2011 06:43 am

The title says  it. Even if Google intends to provide as much information as possible for searchers, they'll always have it their way e.g. as stated: cross-linking with a G+ profile or get directed to the original video url in the case of Youtube --- every possible way to have everyone pass through them.

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