New Sponsored Google Knowledge Graph Results

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Google Knowledge GraphWe've seen Google Knowledge Graph ads before but those ads lead to local results and were more subtle.

Aaron Wall spotted a new format for Google Knowledge Graph ads for a search on [dont make me think].

Here is a picture of the ad format, click on it to see a full size screen:

New Sponsored Google Knowledge Graph Results

So here Google is pushing down the main knowledge graph, sticking a Google Shopping paid result at the top and calling it "sponsored."

Here is what Aaron Wall, a pretty big Google critic, had to say about it:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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F1 Steve

03/05/2014 01:38 pm

I have to agree with Durant Imboden, even though he hasn't posted yet, another excellent move by Google!


03/05/2014 01:41 pm

Anything to make a buck, right Google! Don't bite the hand that feeds you (which is us, the user). Does this change add value to the Search Results? As Aaron Wall pointed out, it's duplicate content to what's below - so NO it doesn't add value.

PM Fiorini

03/05/2014 02:47 pm

LOL! Spot on. Spot on.

PM Fiorini

03/05/2014 02:53 pm

It is what it is for search in 2014.

Yo Mamma

03/05/2014 03:08 pm

The hand was bitten off when Google decided to destroy websites and not just penalize them. Its all about taking control of the internet. I thought that was illegal, but when countries invade others like Panama , then complain about others invading Ukraine, who knows who will take any action to stop any injustice

Yo Mamma

03/05/2014 03:13 pm

He's likely to say something like "apples and oranges" or birds of a feather or little bo peep

Durant Imboden

03/05/2014 03:38 pm

I wouldn't call it an "excellent move" (my own ideal Google SERP would be a "10 blue links" SERP from 1998), but it shouldn't come as a surprise. Google has made no bones about the fact that it regards ads as a form of information, and there are plenty of precedents for that philosophy. Remember the Yellow Pages? Or the early years of ad-packed computer magazines, when PC Magazine and Computer Shopper had advertiser indexes to help readers find mail-order ads for the likes of Gateway, Northgate, and PC Connection? Back in the day, it was no secret that many readers bought trade and enthusiast magazines for the ads as well as for the editorial content. So it shouldn't be surprising that, in Google's view, ads in commercial search results are a feature, not a bug. I'd also point out that Google is a data-driven company, and it wouldn't be going nuts with ads on commercial SERPs if testing indicated that such ads were driving users away.

F1 Steve

03/05/2014 03:57 pm

I really couldn’t agree more with you durant, G should continue to push the boundaries and serve as many adds as possible, its only a shame they cannot serve us ads in our dreams...yet. I know I for one can’t wait for my google glass to arrive so when I take a dump everyday I can be served toilet tissue’s ads right before my very eye, I honestly cant wait and get jacked up just thinking about it!

Yo Mamma

03/05/2014 04:12 pm

"Google is a data-driven company" WRONG Google is a profit-driven company, that started as a non-profit driven company that always had the word EVIL in its business model. Oh bearded one, you can spin them, but the yarn you weave is falling apart thread by thread

Stuart David

03/05/2014 04:14 pm

Spot on - he will come back with some rubbish about why his right and you're wrong now ... ready ...

Yo Mamma

03/05/2014 04:16 pm

Honestly it matters not - Google's days are over. Its just milking its profits while they can. Its a big ship that is taking a while to turn but I think the term GOOGLE will be as familiar as ATARI soon

PM Fiorini

03/05/2014 04:46 pm

Great post! - Got a good laugh out of this. Thanks. PMF


03/05/2014 05:37 pm

Well , A good move from PPC perspective as click through rate will improve for sure :) ... After all Google is not a charity , they have to make money ..


03/05/2014 05:37 pm

Once again Google violates its own recommendations for page layout by placing ads above the content (organic results).


03/05/2014 05:54 pm

Wrong. Google's recommendations refer to EXCESSIVE ads above the content.


03/05/2014 05:55 pm

You wish. Ain't gonna happen. Do you really think Google is run by fools? It's not.

David DuVal

03/05/2014 05:56 pm

If anyone ever came up with a browser add-on that randomly opened ads in a minimized tab, then closed the tab and cleared the cookies.. all for the purpose of preventing profiling and monetization of browsing habits ... it would transform ad serving as we know it. Some users would be too expensive to attempt to monetize. (and I'm not just talking about Google)

F1 Steve

03/05/2014 06:39 pm

If I were Durant id be a less worried about how much money Google is making from ads and more worried about the fact I could die of old age at any moment. Seriously D-man you have wwwaayyy bigger and more immediate issues to worry about!

Yo Mamma

03/05/2014 06:42 pm

Yes, Google is now run by fools. Wasn't always the case, but now it is. Yay Epic Google Fails 1. Froogle 2. Google Wave 3. Google Answers 4. Google Video 5. Google Plus 6. Google Glass 7. Google Lively 8. Google Answers 9. Dodgeball 10. Jaiku 11. Google Notebook 12. Google Buzz 13. Google Video 14. Google Page CReator 15. Google Audio Ads 16. Google web accelerator 17. Google catelog

Durant Imboden

03/05/2014 06:47 pm

I'm not spinning anything. I'm simply pointing out what should be obvious: Google's mission statement says nothing about helping people sell things for free. The handwriting has been on the wall ever since Google began distinguishing between "informational" and "transactional" searches. Think objectively for a moment: If organic results on commercial SERPs become less prominent, the ROI from spammy SEO tactics (such as paid links) will decline, thereby discouraging businesses from using such tactics. So, for Google, it's a win-win-win: 1) Users get the information they want from Product Search, AdWords, sponsored One Boxes, etc. 2) Google earns more revenue. 3) Spammy SEO consultants will find it harder to get clients. From Google's point of view, what's not to like about that?.


03/05/2014 07:00 pm

You 4got "Google Video".... oh no wait you didn't, the other thing, repeated it! ;)

Yo Mamma

03/05/2014 07:14 pm

18. SearchWiki 19. Google Print Ads 20. Google Knol 21. Google Sidewiki 22. Google X 23. Google Checkout 24. Google Me 25. Google Base 26. Google Reader 27. ORKUT 28. Google SOAP API 29. - Blank Page 30. Google search results 2012- 2014 and future 31. Google Talking Shoe (seriously) 32. $3 billion for a company that makes smart thermostats and smoke alarms Lots of failures for such 'smaaaart' people

Yo Mamma

03/05/2014 07:24 pm

Duh "Google's mission statement says nothing about helping people sell things for free" - hello Google's mission statement says nothing about helping the impoverished either. It mentions not global warming or solving problems created by corrupt politicians. So what? Your point is solely to digress. Google's mission statement says EVERYTHING about creating the BEST user experience. PERIOD By killing websites in its search, that have provided and still do provide customers with the best information, Google has created a tripe experience - Which is contrary to its original mission statement. Customer experience Now, Google's position is about killing all non-paying websites from its results Thats illegal But if the American government wasn't so corrupt, it would have stopped them years ago


03/05/2014 07:27 pm

This isn't?


03/05/2014 08:23 pm

Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. "C. S. Lewis" What about the following ? Google Search Blogger Google Translate Web Analytics Google Docs Business Apps Adwords & Adsense Chrome Andriod Google Maps Gmail Youtube ( All the recent innovations we see there)


03/05/2014 10:16 pm

Only ONE in your list makes a profit


03/05/2014 10:41 pm

Every product should not be about $ , we have to see the usefulness as well... Skype is posting consistent losses, but we can not underestimate its importance .. the same goes for twitter..and many more.


03/05/2014 10:50 pm

I have an idea. I'll hand out free chocolate bars in my high street every morning. I'll have as many customers as bars I can hand out. My service is useful. I make a loss, but as long as my service is useful, according to you, I am a success. And that's why Google have retired the majority of their services....erm....

aaron wall

03/06/2014 07:21 am

If they had any level of success they would either be blocked or bought up on charges of some sort. One of the earliest times I was in the press was because I wrote about some Google forum thread where a guy was selling some clickbot stuff & I think that thread was quickly deleted + that person got a visit from the FBI. And this was like a decade or so back. Google has only grown far more powerful & politically connected since then.

aaron wall

03/06/2014 07:23 am

And excessive is arbitrarily defined where the home team gets a bit more leeway on the calls. Make your website look like a Google search result for "credit cards" & unless you are politically connected or an extension of Google (say that page will likely be penalized for spamming.

Ben Guest

03/06/2014 01:21 pm

Well, it's no longer there sooooo...back to Adwords.

Eric H

03/06/2014 07:26 pm

Apparently, this was a glitch on Google's part.


03/11/2014 06:03 am

@disqus_ZgAPunZaNp:disqus Appears to have been a glitch; however, I had a perfect candidate for this type of ad.


03/11/2014 06:04 am

Appears to have been a glitch; however, I had a perfect candidate for this type of ad.


03/11/2014 06:06 am

Maybe Google will bring back the K. Graph ad in the future. I had a client that could have benefited.

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