One Year Shelf Life For The Google+ Local App

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Google+ Local iOS AppAbout a year ago, Google introduced the Google+ Local App claiming this app was the "most reliable way for iOS users to rate & review on iPhones/iPads/iPod touches." Well no longer!

Abby D from Google announced in the Google Maps Help forum that this app is being shut down on August 7th and being replaced by the Google Maps for Mobile app.

Abby said:

We’re announcing that the Google+ Local app for iOS will be retired on August 7, 2013. This means that, after August 7th, you’ll no longer be able to access the Google+ Local app through your iOS device. Any reviews and ratings that you created will be available on your Google+ profile and in the Google Maps iOS app.

So this app lasted about 12-13 months and now is no longer - consolidation.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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07/30/2013 12:48 pm

Barry, I think you meant for the title of this one to read 'One Year Shelf Life...', instead of 'One Year Life Shelf'

Barry Schwartz

07/30/2013 12:49 pm

thanks, one of those days…


08/14/2013 07:12 pm

I think Google is wrong about the low use of this app. I found this app to be very very helpful, and I am sad to see it gone. by one click I can get all the restaurants around me, business, and other services, I didn’t care much for the review for which Google says it was primarily used rate businesses or services, but I liked the locate, map it and Call directly from the App option. I think Google should bring it back. If anyone knows about similar app that can do what this one could, please advise. Thanks,


08/26/2013 04:25 pm

Pretty disappointed as well. This was a go to app for me when I needed to see what was in my area. Don't know what google wants us to use now. Google+ on iOS is clunky and haven't really figured out the google local feature in the maps app.

Helen Walsh

09/12/2013 04:13 pm

I miss this app so much! I used it all the time. What can I use instead? I use GoogleMaps, but I loved local separately, more like a telephone book to find places.

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