Google Easter April 2012 Search Update?

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Google Easter LogoA WebmasterWorld thread has dozens of posts from SEOs and webmasters claiming Google has made a significant update to the search results over the Easter weekend.

Webmasters noticed changes late Friday and throughout the Easter weekend, some as significant as over 40% changes in referrals from Google.

What can cause such huge changes?

(1) Less people online searching over Easter (and Passover) holidays this weekend?

(2) Individuals sites hit by penalties?

(3) Google released a major search update that might have impacted a nice number of sites. Maybe the over optimization filter was released over the weekend and Google didn't tell anyone? Or maybe not?

Have you noticed major traffic changes over this weekend? If so, what do you think it is?

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Jeff Downer Indianapolis IN

04/09/2012 01:52 pm

Over the weekend and even now, the local influence on results seemed to be down,  For most of the weekend I could not even specify what location  I wanted to search.

Ron Coachman

04/09/2012 02:47 pm

Google must have been doing some kind of update on the Local part of the algorithm. Hows everyone finding it today?


04/09/2012 03:28 pm

The search results returned in my vertical are so F'ed that Google has to be trolling or something.  Sites that plain just won't load.  Sites with only internal backlinks or only links from incredibly poorly disguised link networks.  And this is a vertical where the CPC is like 20$ too.. Ugh.  


04/09/2012 05:40 pm

I saw major changes in rankings around April 5-6 with many of my clients rankings a mix of ups and downs in the rankings, so there clearly was some sort of an update run at the beginning of April 


04/09/2012 07:34 pm

I agree with Toronto_SEO_Girl, at the beginning of April there were some changes. However, I didn't notice anything odd last weekend.  Maybe it's just me.

nick sheppard

04/09/2012 10:26 pm

I've seen a traffic drop but not putting it down to anything more than the easter weekend - will see if the traffic picks up again. Have noticed a drop in rankings for sites that only have on-site SEO (new sites with no link building) but again too early to say

Scott Krager

04/10/2012 05:49 am

I noticed some changes over the weekend across a few sites. It will be interesting to see if they stick. I like all the Google changes of keeps our jobs as SEOs interesting & challenging! If it was easy...everyone could be successful  in SEO. But it's not, and few really are.

Nick Stamoulis

04/10/2012 01:56 pm

I haven't seen anything too drastic as of yet. I know there were 50 algorithm updates in March, so maybe they all finally cut up and sites are now seeing the aftermath of those updates.


04/10/2012 04:29 pm

Don't just look at traffic. Most sites I  have seen receive less visitors on Easter or other major holidays so look at your major ranks to know if your traffic was actually updated.  I think these major updates in short spans is making every SEO (including me) a bit paranoid


04/10/2012 08:53 pm

I've seen a couple of my sights see a huge dip in traffic, week to week and year over year (when looking at the first week of April). I'm wondering if there is something. The Google Venice update caught me by surprise, so who knows what it could be.

Russell James Smith

04/10/2012 10:37 pm

I have seen a significant dip in traffic over the four days around the Easter weekend on the sites I manage but as from Tuesday and Wednesday this week it looks to be bouncing right back to normal. I believe this is just a holiday related dip. In most English speaking countries other than the US including the UK, Australia, NZ and South Africa Easter is a statuary four-day weekend with public holidays on the Friday and Monday. I understand in Canada it's typically a three-day weekend and that some states such as Texas and Florida also observe a four-day weekend around Easter at a state level. Depending on the nature and content of your site, if you normally see a dip in traffic over the weekend I would expect this to be more pronounced over the Easter weekend.  I was able to check this to a degree by looking at traffic by location: for traffic from the UK and Texas I was able to see a marked four-day dip in traffic, meanwhile for traffic from California where there is no Federal or State holiday on Easter Friday or Easter Monday I only saw the usual two-day weekend dip in our traffic.

Martin Leeney

04/11/2012 08:10 am

 I've seen ups and downs for the past three weeks on sites that are normally stable. Almost like A B testing of results pages. With site owners as guinea pigs.

Inbound Marketing Expert

04/12/2012 05:04 am

Folk, there is no updates ate what u have mentioned above, if there any updates...i think Google always try to explain why they are doing through there blog. I can't see any changes to my traffic rank from last 2 weeks.


04/17/2012 03:50 am

Several of my older sites that still maintain their G-toolbar page rank and that have no webmaster tools warnings/messages were just recently pushed from top ranking to nowhere in the top pages (they are still indexed in Google). A few have unique domain names made of noncompetitive words, and search results for those domain names without the TLD extension only show the usual "siteinfo" sites but not the domain itself. One of these domains is for a medical office using the last name in the domain name (no competition), that is also listed in DMOZ, and it was pushed quite low in the results, which is actually a disservice to the patients who are trying to find that professional's website (nothing spammy about it). It seems that the quality I enjoyed for years from the old Google is now passing, giving way to either a "Facebooky" algorithm or an Adsense-revenue optimizer algorithm. I've begun to use Bing more now when I need serious results.

Santosh Yadav

04/22/2012 11:35 am

But it put positive  impact in all website's

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