Try Searching Google For [Do A...]

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Google BarrelsRemember the Google easter egg for searching for do a barrel roll?

Well, it still works. The whole Google search results page will do a barrel roll right in front of you.

The issue is, if you search for just [do a] in Google with Google Instant on, it will show you the search results for [do a barrel roll] and just spin the screen before you can complete your query.

So if you meant to search for [do a hop skip and a jump], good luck because before you know it, the search results will take an unexpected turn.

Here is a video of me replicating the intended issue:

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Image credit to BigStockPhoto for colorful barrels

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SEO Consult

02/26/2013 01:30 pm

The same happens for "askew". You get to all but the last letter and it will pop up in the suggested searches and it will "askew" the page. Interesting find! I imagine this will happen for the various numbers of these special searches that are implemented.

Emma North

02/26/2013 02:54 pm

"Askew" is the same as "tilt". I also like the searches for "anagram" and "define anagram", which ask you "Did you mean nag a ram?" and "Did you mean nerd fame again?" This Wikipedia page lists some others too:'s_hoaxes_and_easter_eggs

Jawad Latif

02/28/2013 11:28 am

Nothing happened with [do a hop skip and a jump]

Hans Brost

03/15/2013 02:08 pm

I know....millions of people are always searching for things that start out with 'do a ''s a CRITICAL ISSUE.............z


03/18/2013 02:59 pm

It just happened to me a few mins ago! I searched "do as" and the whole page rotated! Really panicked for some time since i thought it was surely a virus *gasp!* ..haha


03/27/2013 01:55 am

Really, you're gonna bitch about this? Perhaps Bing or Jeeves is the search engine for you as you obviously have no sense of humor, or of parsing your search for the best results. Shameful blogger you are, we should get you a typewriter so these "annoyances" won't happen to you ever again. Damn, I thought I'd heard every possible complaint...


03/29/2013 02:15 am

First world problem.


04/01/2013 09:51 am

....aaaaand there's my new prank. Type askew on someone's computer, then delete the word 'askew' and the search results will disappear but the screen will stay like that.

You Are an Idiot

04/12/2013 02:09 pm

What a nightmare, the effect lasts less than a second. Just enough time for you to barely notice as you haphazardly misspell whatever you are trying to type. Furthermore the "do a" problem only arises if you get three letters into your search and forget what you are looking for. If you are taking that long to type out your search I don't think the time it takes to watch google roll will slow you down anymore than you are already going. Also you are a twat with no valid ideas for an article, even for the internet you suck


04/12/2013 08:05 pm

Haha I think the "do a barrel roll" thing is EPIC :D


04/14/2013 12:17 am

Heres a straw. SUCK IT UP.

Forgetfull John

04/14/2013 02:09 am

I left the toaster on.


04/18/2013 07:55 pm

That's nice. Now go vote for Obama a few more times.

Sally Hull

04/19/2013 02:08 pm

I think this is fantastic!! I was so upset by all the current atrocities that are happening surrounding the Boston bombings and asked all my Facebook friends to take today to find something positive to post...something to make us all smile for a moment. As I went to Google to type in "Do a good deed"...all of a sudden my screen did the barrel roll ~ it made me laugh!!! If you can't wait maybe 5 seconds (tops) for it to happen to get back to your search, you need to re-evaluate and find your inner child once again....can't we all use a little "barrel roll" right now?!?

Austin Jaross

04/22/2013 02:45 am

Google be trollin


04/26/2013 08:58 am

oh nooooo!

Sophie O'Dwyer

04/28/2013 04:06 pm

BOOOOOOOOOM! Barrel roll IN YO FACE!! Wait. PewDiePie does not approve.

Graecus Romanus

04/30/2013 08:58 pm

you are a complete IDIOT!!!!!!!

Seth Skinner

05/07/2013 03:20 am

So, I don't exactly see an issue here... Just continue typing.


05/07/2013 07:31 pm



05/21/2013 08:55 pm

And what legitimate searches begin with "do a"?


06/10/2013 08:54 pm

this shit is stupid


06/10/2013 08:55 pm

i pretty much have to say: 1. i hate this shit 2. I hate myself 3. everything is stupid 4. everyone in the world sucks 5. i wish shit wasn't so lame all the time

here's some

06/11/2013 11:36 pm

do apple seeds cause cancer? do any american idol winners still perform? do all roads lead to rome?


06/20/2013 03:06 pm

None of those start with "do a" they start with "do".


06/20/2013 06:01 pm

look a little closer, they all start with "do a"


06/25/2013 10:38 am

Meanwhile in the third world... 60'000 kids died today due to preventable diseases and malnutrition.


07/04/2013 07:09 am

So they hate it? Big deal. Get off your cross, use the wood to build a bridge, and GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!

Cliff Bower

07/05/2013 01:34 pm

boo hoo. When the page stops simply complete your search. You act as though it does a barrel roll after the auto search is done playing its joke. If you don't like it you can just turn the auto fill off. Oh wait....That would involve effort. My bad.

Cliff Bower

07/05/2013 01:38 pm

Oh boo hoo. If you don't like it turn the auto fill off. There is a thought! Then again you clearly are a person who can't allow five seconds of their life to be taken by an internet meme so it is probably safe to say your fat ass can't even take the time to even do that. Find something else to bitch about seriously. Like...I don't know. Government violation of citizen rights or something. Anything would be better than reading someone's bitch about something so trivial.


07/10/2013 01:47 pm

I typed "Do an Immelman" and my browser got behind me and shot me down.


08/01/2013 11:59 am

it does not work u idoit


08/01/2013 12:02 pm

??? ?????! ugh to much enternit

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