Google's Head Of Search Gets Card From Church: Google Can't Solve Every Search...

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Amit Singhal is the man at Google who is in charge of Google's search engine, yes - Matt Cutts has a boss. Just recently he got a letter from the Ananda Church of Self Realization in Palo Alta, California. Amit shared a picture of the letter on Google+, it reads:

Google can't solve every search...

Of course, that can be an insult for the man working at Google and responsible at Google for solving every search... Amit wrote, "Not the best targeting to send this to the person responsible for Search at Google."

Here is a picture of the postcard from the Church:

the Ananda Church of Self Realization Postcard

Amit also made sure to use blue tape to cover up his mailing address. Sorry guys.

But either way, this is pretty funny.

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Stuart David

05/26/2014 12:28 pm

Challenge ... accepted.

F1 Steve

05/26/2014 12:35 pm

Google's CEO's got comfortable & It resulted in being hit by Gods "you did evil" filter upon death, your money cant help you then bitches ;)

Durant Imboden

05/26/2014 06:58 pm

I just searched Google on "predestination vs. free will" and couldn't get a definitive answer about which belief is correct. Then again, neither can Christianity as a whole.

F1 Steve

05/26/2014 07:40 pm

Hey Durante, what's your mothers maiden name? No reason for asking just curious ;)

Craig Hamilton-Parker

05/26/2014 08:37 pm

Would be nice if Amit Singhal took up their invitation and visited The Self Realisation Fellowship and searched his heart - he may get an insight into the terrible karma they are all accumulating through their ruthless materialism.


05/26/2014 08:50 pm

Motherfucker i suppose

Roxana Stingu

05/27/2014 02:18 pm

They should change their message and go with "Bing can't solve every search..."

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