Non Google Analytics Admins Can't Remove Profiles


Google Analytics LogoLet's say you are an SEO, webmaster or marketing consultant for a third-party company. That company grants you user access to their Google Analytics data so that you can analyze their traffic and find areas in which you can improve their site. Then one day, you no longer work for that client but they did not remove your access to their Analytics.

Did you know that the only way to remove Google Analytics profiles is for an administrator to either delete the profile completely or remove your access individually? What if they don't? Then you have profiles in your account you no longer want or need.

For some, that can be frustrating and a bit of annoyance. Personally, it wouldn't bother me because I search for profiles but hey - I can see it being annoying for some.

A Google Analytics Help thread from 2009 still has people who are upset.

Heck, even the new interface doesn't give you a way to do it.

Admins can remove profiles:

Google Analytics

Users can't remove profiles:

Google Analytics

New Profile Pages:

Google Analytics

Forum discussion at Google Analytics Help.

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Michael Ramsey

03/29/2011 02:13 pm

This has been bugging me lately. I've got a couple I'd like to remove. Seems like a silly oversight that doesn't end up very high on the priority list for updates.

Tony Tellijohn

03/29/2011 02:43 pm

The client and/or new agency would be fools to not manage this more closely. Assuming the relationship didn't end in a complete disaster, they are leaving the door open for selling back in at a later date.


03/29/2011 03:39 pm

It is irritating, but ultimately just that. Although I don't see why it's hard to integrate that.

Michael Martinez

03/29/2011 05:05 pm

Yeah, I wish they would fix that. I'm almost ready to create a new GMail account for every new Analytics account I'm to be given access to. Then again, the new Google Analytics is even less helpful than before, so I'm not looking for improvements any time soon.

Brian Greenberg

03/30/2011 02:42 am

I completely agree. I have a bunch of sites in my google analytics I cannot delete. There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to delete an account I am just tracking as an admin or report viewer. Maybe they will fix this due to this post!

Chuck Reynolds

03/30/2011 03:10 pm

yup, drives me nuts. Even if they made me an admin and I hit delete, (at least in my head) it also removes it completely from their dashboard. All I want to do on some of them is get it out of my dashboard... ugh

Robert Rippee

03/30/2011 03:10 pm

Thousands of posts on the same problem but Google doesn't seem to be interested in the problem or maybe they can't locate the administrator to make the change.

Richard Joyce

06/30/2011 11:26 am

you need to login to the account as a DIFFERENT admin.  De-mote your account to "View reports only" and then you will be able to delete it. If you don't have another Admin account then create gmail account just for adding to client sites as an admin to enable you to then delete your account. That's how I get around it.


07/02/2011 01:38 pm

This has been bugging me for 3 years now FFS......Google, pull your finger out.


01/14/2012 12:46 am

Thanks Richard, you're right. If you change the sub-account to "user" instead of "administrator" then you can immediately remove the sub-account.  I was having this prob but I just fixed based on your suggestion. Thx!


03/06/2012 04:02 am

Process flawed - Some unknown person was able to add seven mysterious websites profiles to my gmail account and I have been trying to get assistance to delete them for over a year now. Very irritating - I would think Google could configure this process to email any users or account holders for verification to make sure the address is correct. No way to delete, or find out who is admin ?????


06/15/2012 09:08 am

this is a royal pain in the ass....

Vamsi Mohan

07/18/2012 09:41 am

completely agree... lets see when it will fix it

Avant Prime

08/03/2012 06:13 am

Lets hope the fix gets put it soon. I just tried this and was extremely surprise this couldn't be done.

08/24/2012 01:32 am

Analytics account can be deleted with the method mentioned in the analytics help in the below link. I have done it for one of the accounts, created for our customer at Thinknet websolutions.

Ashish Kumar

10/13/2012 08:07 pm

There is a way to remove your profile (Website) Go right top corner ADMIN button and the n select the profile ( Website) Now profile setting will comes up Then select Profile Settings There you can change the setting of your profile (website) In the right down corner there would be 2 options Copy this profile / Delete this profile Now you can delete the profile from there. If you still facing some trouble regarding deletion tweet me @hardluckstrome :) Good Luck


11/27/2012 11:25 am

Just spent ages looking for a way to remove an old profile from a previous clients account in our GA only to end up searching for the solution and ending up here. What a ridiculous oversight from Google. We can't even add new profiles as we've hit the maximum allowed yet we can't remove old ones!

Robert Jakobson

01/25/2013 10:18 am

does not work, there is no "delete" or "copy" for profiles. Quite amazing and bizarre at the same time that Google doesn't give a damn.


02/08/2013 04:20 pm

still impossible :(

Charles Johnes

03/19/2013 09:19 pm

this is too old format in new format i cant find any delele option

Ashish Kumar

04/08/2013 11:48 am

If you are a admin only then you can delete it . Other wise if you are a user you cannot delete it

Allison B

04/10/2013 08:05 pm

This only works if you are an admin, not a user

Ashish Kumar

04/11/2013 11:24 am

Exactly. User don't have permission to delete it. You must have admin rights to remove it. :)

07/02/2013 04:45 pm

You comment was posted nine months ago! Wish I had seen it then, but better late than never, as they say. Thank you, Ashish!


07/06/2013 04:02 am

Thanks Ashish! Your method works. Not sure why everyone else is having a problem with this.

Ashish Kumar

07/06/2013 01:06 pm

I am Glad that my method helped you :) For more you can visit my blog aimzo . com


07/08/2013 09:41 am

The delete profile option is only available from the GA account that originally created the profile, it isn't there for accounts where they were invited to by another user and do not have administrative rights which is exactly the scenario for everyone experiencing this issue.


09/01/2013 04:42 pm

I still can't believe this has no fix. I have a bunch of profiles showing up in my account from my past job, and unfortunately the company outsourced everything so I have nobody to contact there to remove me from the profiles. It's just a little annoyance, but I wish there was some way to remove them or hide them from my account.


10/06/2013 05:11 pm

I too, have this problem... These old accounts are cramping my style.


11/11/2013 11:50 pm

To remove yourself from an account that you do not control: ps. It only took me a few years to find this...


11/12/2013 09:48 am

Excellent, thanks Matt. This is new GA feature which is why you couldn't find it before... But nice one for spotting it first - at last we can remove old accounts!

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