Google Aggressively Pushing AdWords Express

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Google AdWords ExpressA year ago, Google rebranded Google Boost to AdWords Express. It now seems like Google is cold calling AdWords advertisers to try to encourage existing advertisers to try out AdWords Express.

The early reports of the results were not too great, some even reported 400% lifts in cost per click (CPC) prices with this program. But time has gone by and things probably have settled since then.

A WebmasterWorld thread has a senior member saying Google cold called his son who has a significant AdWords spend to convince him to sign up with AdWords Express. And it worked, the son signed up.

The father feels this is against Google's terms of service to set up a new account within the same domain name. I am honestly not sure if it is.

Here is his concerns:

Just got a call from my son they have an adwords account and a pretty good spend active now. He got a call from Google to test adwords express and 100.00 free trial offer. The Google employee asked him what website he wanted the account built for so he gave them one he is using adwords for now.

I just confirmed with my son the domain Google setup for him is active in the other PPC account. So my son's company has a Google adwords account and Google sets them up an adwords express account, how is this not breaking TOS. The Google employee knows he already has an account they discussed problems he was having with terms in his active adwords account.

I am just wondering were Google is going with this and how can this be done because it breaks TOS or does it?

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08/23/2012 12:32 pm

This is why I never give Google my phone number although they ask for it about once a week when I sign into Webmaster Tools.

Aaron Weiner

08/23/2012 04:54 pm

You can have multiple AdWords accounts. There is nothing wrong with that. You won't double serve if you use the same domain across multiple accounts. AdWords will only ever show one ad for a particular domain regardless of the account. You only run into a problem if you are intentionally trying to double server. As for AdWords Express: If you want to give Google more control over your budget, the same people who benefit from each and every click, AdWords Express is for you. If you want to retain more control over settings, who you target, how relevant your targeting is and your ROI, stick with AdWords. Your goals are similar to Google's just not the same.


08/23/2012 06:17 pm

This is Part B of Panda and Penguin. If your traffic is gone (Thank Google's "search improvements",) you can get it back by paying. Google desperately needs to boost the declining PPCs and that's only done by having more bidders. Google Reasch is rigged and works to increase ad clicks and earnings., Matt Cutts is a scam artist.

Andy Sheridan

08/23/2012 07:54 pm

So... They create a new account for you, targeting the same domain (in this case) with all-new campaigns and adgroups with no bid history? Going on my previous experience, that's gonna hit you in the wallet.

08/24/2012 12:38 pm

Yes it is breaking TOS. You cant have multiple adwords account for same domain. A year back we tried doing this as an experiment but Google blocked our both account notifying that we can only have single account. One of our PPC expert is ex Googler who helped us to reactivate our account.

Webstats Art

08/25/2012 03:12 pm

I know someone who pays about USD 250,000 a year for adwords. That guy is a rich old man and does not have a clue about the effectiveness. I personally believe that his money is going down the drain.

Navneet Kumar

09/15/2012 07:03 am

Dear Sir, I want to know whats the difference b/w adwords and adwords express?? Please mail me if you know about this... Navneetkumar.kumar4 (@) gmail dot com thats my request to u sir... please accept it and give me reply....

You know who I am

11/28/2012 12:43 am

Don't ever use their coupons! The coupon is gone within one or two days and they make you use auto-payments. You need to enter a cc to get the $100 credit and to switch to manual payments they make you call their outsourced call center in India. Hold times are ridiculous and if its over the weekend, forget about it! Within a week, I went through $250 worth of clicks that I never received even one call or form filled out during this time. Do not waste your time and money on this scam, I think they actually pay people to go through and click ads for them....think twice before you go clicking a companies ad on google, it's probably costing that small businessman $12 for each one of those clicks. Oh and by the way, google actually charged my credit card after I had closed the adwords account and was assured by their offshore call center Rep that no more charges would or even could be charged to my credit card. Google is "of the devil" in my opinion.

Yarik Rubin

08/01/2013 10:07 pm

Well I think Adwords can actually work, but it's not cheap and you can't put all the eggs in one basket! What I don't think is right is Google calling our clients to switch them to Adwords Express, since normally this clients pay us for the administration of the account...don't get me wrong, I like Google a lot (I´m a search marketer), but I don't think it´s ethical that Google get us out of the way...

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