Finally! Responsive Design Ad Units For Google AdSense

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Google AdSense logoEveryone is asking? What took so long?! Google has finally announced a beta of a new ad unit designed for responsive designed web pages.

In the past, Google said you can modify your ad code to make it work for responsive design web pages, but now, you have the option of using a native AdSense ad unit specifically for responsive design web pages.

To access this, go to your AdSense console, login and create a new ad unit. Then from the drop down of ad sizes, select "Responsive ad unit (BETA)." Yes, Google warns this is a beta.

Google AdSense Responsive Design Ad Units

For most serious publishers, they have already come up with a hacked solution to make their AdSense ad units work on responsive designed web sites or avoided it. But now, many will begin exploring this new beta option.

Google does warn:

  • Be sure to specify fixed pixel values when setting the width and height of the ad to be served.
  • Make sure that the specified width and height match one of our supported ad sizes. Please note that link unit sizes aren’t supported at the moment.
  • The new ad code is responsive on initial page load only. Subsequent changes to the ad size, such as a screen orientation change, will not cause a new ad to be displayed. We know that this is an important feature for many of you and we’re currently working to address this.
  • Always set a default ad size in case some media queries aren’t supported.

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08/01/2013 05:02 pm

Damn, finally! this was one of the main reasons I haven't launched the responsive design mode of my site.

Jeremy Myers

08/01/2013 05:18 pm

Arrgh. One week too late.... Ha! I spent a few hours trying to get responsive ads on my site last week to comply with all the terms. I was able to do it, but now they come out with this! Oh well.... I am sure it will be quicker and easier.

Kizi 10

08/02/2013 01:48 am

Um. It is a good information and I think this job will expand Google's activities as well as the use of man. The response Web pages are designed with this beta version will be a lot of fun.

Stephen Moyers

08/02/2013 11:09 am

Responsive ad is good for various devices but I think that is an important feature that ad size should change according to the screen orientation. Yet this is very good feature as many people are going for mobile and tablet day by day. Stephen.


08/03/2013 08:27 am


Tariqur Rahman

08/04/2013 10:16 am

Graet.I have a adsense but earning is very low.Please suggest more.


08/05/2013 09:06 am

I actually don't want to try beta things, whatever it be.

Julien Renaux

08/20/2013 05:55 pm

I was waiting for this a long time! Thanks for letting us know :)


08/21/2013 04:23 pm

Please take it a step further and consider allowing an ad to adapt from image to link units depending on the platform area in question. Google whats up man you are late to this. You guys ok? lol.


09/01/2013 04:18 am

be prepared to get rid of; your phone, your email, software and web apps.

Galaxy Note4

09/22/2013 04:19 pm

thanks..I was looking for it.


09/30/2013 11:34 am

it's all the guys become expert ...... don't want to click on the ads... me too have ultra low earning.

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