Finally, Google Adds The Memorial Day Ribbon To Home Page

May 26, 2014 • 2:53 pm | comments (17) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

This morning we reported how Google didn't have a mention of Memorial Day on

I've been checking throughout the day, because even though Google would not put a Doodle on their home page, they have in the past done a Memorial Day Ribbon.

Well, after 2pm EST, with the majority of Memorial Day over, Google has added the Ribbon to the home page:

Google Memorial Day Ribbon

Too little, too late? Maybe. There are now hundreds of complaints in the Google Web Search Help forums from searchers. Some have said they are leaving Google, switching to Bing, because Google has disrespected our veterans.

This is a big deal for Americans and Google may have acted too late on this.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help (dozens of threads).

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Durant Imboden

05/26/2014 07:07 pm

They already honor Veterans Day. And i'm not sure that a doodle of a flag-draped coffin or a tombstone at a military cemetery would be in good taste.


05/26/2014 07:44 pm

And that's why they've said they don't do a doodle. They said their doodles are commonly light hearted in nature and they haven't had a design that conveys the reverence this day should have.


05/26/2014 10:09 pm

Honestly, how is Barry Schwartz considered an authority? This is more of that "Oh Google is evil" crybaby shit that amateur SEOs are doing non-stop these days.

Barry Schwartz

05/26/2014 10:10 pm

I love you too.

Barry Schwartz

05/26/2014 10:12 pm

It is Memorial Day, I have a whole set of SEO topics set for tomorrow and did cover a ton today.


05/26/2014 10:15 pm

Whatever, you're still being whiny. It shows when you put down Google for not doing a Memorial day logo, but praise Yahoo for doing one. Their logo has nothing to do with Memorial day.

Barry Schwartz

05/26/2014 10:16 pm

It is a cowboy theme at Yahoo, so there is a point. And I get beaten up all day about how I love Google and you complain I beat them up. Just funny.


05/26/2014 10:17 pm

Google went all gay for the Olympics, but when it comes to real men who died for our country they could care less.

F1 Steve

05/27/2014 07:52 am

It's always nice to get a visit from someone from mountain view! ;)


05/27/2014 12:45 pm

lol you americans and your crazy bullshit.

Bob Bigellow

05/27/2014 03:36 pm

How, exactly, is a cowboy theme reminiscent of Memorial Day? Could they also put up a Native American theme like, maybe, a dreamcatcher, and this is close enough to being like Memorial Day? I think not.

Bob Bigellow

05/27/2014 03:37 pm

People are just pissed that Google is always so Googley. They're waiting for the day that Google pulls a Batman and gets dark and gloomy.


05/27/2014 08:36 pm

halloween maybe?

Ryan Reddell

05/27/2014 09:53 pm

Bullshit? Most Americans have fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, uncles, and friends that gave the ultimate sacrifice to help others from around the world. Having someone like you or google disrespect them is bullshit.


05/27/2014 11:14 pm

Google is showing their colors and those colors are Gay.


05/28/2014 06:46 am

Like you helped in vietnam? US army is like some retarded toddler always saying "we just wanted to help durrr" after breaking everything. And then we have to lick your balls on the most important websites, wasiting millions of $ in bandwidth, otherwise its disrespectful.

Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

05/28/2014 11:50 pm

Please. Americans don't give a crap about Memorial day. It's for getting drunk and barbecuing.

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