February 2013 Google Webmaster Report; Possible Update

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Google Webmaster ReportThat time of the month again for the Google Webmaste Report where we summarize any recent findings by savvy SEOs and webmasters via the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread and recap the top changes and updates in the past 30 days or so.

First, it seems like there may be a small Google update happening. According to the WebmasterWorld thread, several webmasters over the past 24 hours have been seeing either traffic fluctuations that are positive and negative. Some say they have a lot more traffic from Google and some say a lot less. It is too early to tell right now, but I'll keep an eye out.

Also, there are complaints, as we reported, of links being dropped out via Webmaster Tools and a toolbar PageRank update.

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02/05/2013 03:51 pm

my site stand by on page rank 3...I am sad.


02/05/2013 03:53 pm

Thank you very much nice info.


02/05/2013 04:20 pm

Yes, Google Webmaster Link update is true. When i checked links to your site still yesterday it was showing around 217, today it's showing only 73 top links pointing to my site.

josh bachynski (SEO)

02/05/2013 05:07 pm

Are they now removing group disavowed links from people's WMT links...? So you can't see them and realize, or don;t focus on them when trying to clean up backlinks because the mass nofollowed one's obviously do not matter / count anymore?


02/05/2013 05:34 pm

Is it really worth pointing out whenever there's a Google update? Webmasters see fluctuations in ranking all the time. We should be assuming that Google is making updates constantly—they claim to do hundreds of them a year. And it seems you write about it at least once a week.


02/06/2013 05:25 am

There is definitely an update or something strange has happened. I have a good site with all original content but pageviews had plummeted and are decreasing every day. For no reason. Can you please let me know where to complain?

Fred Shave

02/06/2013 08:47 am

I am seeing ranking drops and gains on or around the 28/29th January. Me thinks there is going to be a Penguin refresh...


02/06/2013 10:49 am

Thanks for the post. In terms of the possible update, I normally wait for a confirmation before putting on my tinfoil hat.

Karl Young

02/06/2013 12:17 pm

My blog has jumped from being 0 page rank to now being a strong page rank 4. Something has defiantly been updated or tweaked. Traffic has stayed the same and i have not made any on-page changes. My guess is that they have done some clamping down on poor content and poorly structure websites.


02/06/2013 12:43 pm

So how has your PR 0 to Pr 4 benefited you? I see your traffic is the same so being a strong PR 4 as opposed to a PR 0 is worth how much? In traffic terms that appears to be 0.

Jimmy Maddox

02/06/2013 04:22 pm

ive been doing a lot of backlink building over the past 12 months and Monday I had 7,398 backlinks according to Google Webtools, the next day I had 2,952. I was like, WTF? what is going on Google...My traffic still seems to be doing the same and my visitors dropped about 10%.....not as bad as others.


02/06/2013 06:14 pm

when I access Google webmaster yesterday Feb 5 and I noticed a drop from 1700+ backlinks to around 50. I suspect that Google found a away to clean the unnatural ones out from collective knowledge. Needless to say that my SERP suffered since Jan 17. It's interesting how my homepage completely disappeared from SERP 2 to nowhere on Jan. 17 and 2 weeks later, my backlinks got "cleaned up". When I analyze a download of the 1700+ links and the 50 remaining ones, I noticed that it seems that the 50 links are legit and the rest was kinda unnatural from a few SEO efforts. Tough to stay ahead of Google these days.

Matt Hepburn

02/12/2013 01:09 am

OK, so after Barry pointed out last week that some people where seeing links disappear out of Google Webmaster Tools. I went into some of my clients sites. One of them had built over 12,000+ links with most of them pointing to the index page prior to me coming on board. After this update there are 277 backlinks. Last week I started a new crawl in SEOmoz of this site. I went in this morning and we had decreases on 72 different keywords, which was substantially higher then what had been slipping. Barry had pointed out the Page Rank update. Honestly I think we are going to have a SEOmoz Domain Authority shift with root domains being removed from your backlink profile. My goal with this client has been to clean up his site and link relevant contextual backlinks to relevant pages with a social media marketing campaign. I am all about backlink diversity with relevancy What does everybody think of this shift? Barry what are your thoughts?

Matt Hepburn

02/12/2013 01:11 am

that is a very interesting post Jason. I know a lot of webmaster have been leary of using that tool.

Matt Hepburn

02/12/2013 01:12 am

Jimmy, Where most of those links to your index page?

Matt Hepburn

02/12/2013 01:13 am

Is this what we are calling the update now?


06/06/2013 11:50 am

Hi, I had something similar on my site with plenty of original content around the first week of Feb - did you ever see a return to normal levels?

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