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focus on the userThe big news from yesterday was from Facebook who built a bookmarklet tool that aims at changing how Google shows Google+ results in the new Google Plus Your World launch.

It is fairly simple, you install the bookmarklet, click it when on the Google results, and the Google+ results will change to either Twitter, Facebook or another social network.

The campaign is named Focus on the User and they write:

How much better would social search be if Google surfaced results from all across the web? The results speak for themselves. We created a tool that uses Google’s own relevance measure-the ranking of their organic search results-to determine what social content should appear in the areas where Google+ results are currently hardcoded.

All of the information in this demo comes from Google itself, and all of the ranking decisions are made by Google's own algorithms. No other services or APIs are accessed.

Here is what it does:

click for full size

click for full size

Pretty clear? It does more but those are to examples, many more examples over here.

Danny Sullivan has a great write up over here and here is a video demo:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Rob Abdul

01/24/2012 03:11 pm

If you use Facebook you get Bing performing the search for you. You need to be logged in to Twitter to do a search. A couple of years back Google did not want to pay the $20m extortion fee to Twitter to gain access to Twitter data in real-time (extortion fee in my opinion). Facebook chose Bing as its search and locked out Google. So Google goes ahead and creates its own Social Networking site. It is only natural that Google+ results are hard-wired. Why doesn’t Bing hardwire Facebook results – see what difference that makes! Why should Google show all social networking results especially if Facebook and Twitter do not share data in real-time. I’m with Google on this one.


01/25/2012 03:18 pm

Facebook + Twitter is evil

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