Google AdSense Publisher Claims Facebook Bug Spikes Earnings

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Facebook Like Button Google AdSense IncomeA month ago there was a bug with the Facebook Like button. It was reported to have an impact on some user's analytics packages but I didn't hear much from AdSense publishers on this topic.

A WebmasterWorld thread has one publisher claiming he saw a huge spike in AdSense income when the bug was happening and then a huge decline in that earnings once the bug was fixed.

He shared a chart showing the traffic just from the Facebook Like button:

AdSense Drop With Facebook Bug Fix

The Google AdSense publisher explained:

On April 10th, my Adsense earnings went to the roof. I couldn't tell the reason for that, but I decided to be glad and do not bother about it.

Much to my surprise, my earnings kept going up over the last days (with a quick weird drop on the 16th), until they came back to the regular levels on April 20th.

The only unusual thing that I could find was an amazing raise on the number of times the page "?fb_xd_fragment=" was opened on that golden period. For those who don't know, that's an URL that shows due to a bug on the Facebook Like button, which doesn't support some browsers.

The rest of the site's traffic was exact the same, so why the Facebook Like button error started showing up A LOT more often on the logs? And even weirder, why did it impact on the Adsense earnings?

Of course with huge surges in traffic and unusual spikes, you need to be considered with Google investigating the reason for the surge - it can ultimately lead to your site being banned from using Google AdSense.

Did you notice a change due to a bug like this in this date range?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Will A. McConnell

05/13/2011 05:20 pm

 Interesting find, although it seems like this would affect Adwords more?

Dave Roberts

05/13/2011 09:36 pm

I had a huge traffic spike as above at that time - didn't impact earnings but it was pages with that fb fragment that drove the extra traffic


05/15/2011 06:43 pm

 saw gigantic traffic spikes (not real traffic but it tricked mt analytics) with no spike in income.   It looked like I was doing 40K page views but I was only doing 23K page views. Newsflash -- they still have not fixed the bug.

Mary Hamilton

05/17/2011 03:06 pm

We had massively inflated page views from IE users - the FB Like button was causing the whole page to reload repeatedly, so it was firing analytics tracking scripts and cycling ad impressions multiple times per minute. 


06/09/2011 09:41 am

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