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New Bing LogoMicrosoft announced on the Bing blog that they have integrated the Bing Knowledge Widgets directly into Bing Webmaster Tools. In addition, they added a new type called "Interactive only" which only works when a user highlights content on your page.

These knowledge widgets are like text overlays using Bing's Knowledge Graph to show information about words and phrases on your page. It is lightweight, robust JavaScript module that can detect entities on your web page and link them to the entity graph of the Bing Knowledge repository from within Webmaster Tools.

You can access it in Bing Webmaster Tools under Widgets and then Knowledge Widget (Beta).

You can also play with it over at this page.

Here is how to get the code:

  • Navigate to the Knowledge Widgets tool by tapping or clicking Widgets > Knowledge Widget in the navigation menu.
  • Next, In the Knowledge Widget screen, enter a friendly name for your widget to make it easier to find later, and click or tap Create.
  • Next you will see the Knowledge Widget Settings screen. Locate the Copy Code button and tap or click it to copy the code to your clipboard.
  • At this point you can already paste the code you just copied into your web site's or blog's page source, for example just before the closing tag. Any settings you make for this widget will stored in the cloud and will not require changing the code again (in fact, we use the data-id atrribute as the key to lookup settings).
  • Do this for every page you want to enhance with Bing Knowledge Widget or, alternatively, add it to your site or blog template that automatically includes the embed code into every page.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Eron Cohen

06/27/2014 02:44 pm

I wonder if adding this widget has any effect on SEO with Google or Bing.


06/27/2014 02:55 pm

Dammit Bing! What is with all the football bat features no one is asking for... Its called a focus group. Try one sometime BEFORE developing a solution to a problem no one has. Bing, I want you to win the search engine war... but you aren't gaining any ground spending time on this crap. How about gaining the love of nearly all webmasters by NOT copying Google and ranking sites for be good instead of punishing the bad. Promote a websites right to link to whoever and whenever. Victory is closer than you think but you need to stop building dork rockets and expecting the world to be impressed by something no one wanted to begin with. Please,please, please take my advice to heart.

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