SEOs: Do You Do Link Building At All?

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A WebmasterWorld thread has discussion on link building. The discussion is around, do you do it or not. The thread has several SEOs that I respect saying they haven't asked (or bought) a link in a really long time.

Personally, I never ask for links. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I asked someone to link to me.

The thread may be skewed a bit. So I wanted all you SEOs out there to answer the poll below. Do you ask for links? If so, how often. Please answer the poll below.

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Jeff Schroeffel

10/27/2010 03:11 pm

We are a regional SEO company and many of our clients have not even setup their "warm-market" links when they start our services. Many also have good press articles out on the web with no links. In both cases, we reach out to request links. (or have the client do so)


10/27/2010 04:03 pm

I no longer do SEO for other sites than ours but yes, asking for a link is still on the list of things I do. There are some very good places (long established sites, universities, ie. "authority" sites) that you can ask a link from and they will provide it (if relevant). These places can be often be found using competitors links analysis.

Michael Martinez

10/27/2010 04:38 pm

There are other ways to build links than to ASK for them.


10/27/2010 08:10 pm

Wow, only 31% of SEO's do the thing that's proven to drive 70% of the rankings???

Ron Tumbokon

10/28/2010 04:21 pm

@Jeremy Again link building is not all about ASKING for links. In fact, it's the least time-efficient (You're lucky if you get 2 lousy links in 7 hours)


10/28/2010 08:11 pm

A better metric might be to ask where you are in the SEO campaign. If you are on a new site then yes, asking for links via requesting them on old articles, media partners, guest posting is pretty high on the list. Then again, on a site that is a year into a campaign, actively asking for links might be low.

SEO Professionals

08/16/2011 09:53 am

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