Yahoo's Approach To Search Similar To The Failed

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I hate writing about Yahoo because I still feel they ripped a good thing apart. It reminds me of's missteps and no one would argue with me now, not even those at when the switch happened, that's strategy worked. So now when I see Yahoo taking similar steps, I just get so upset.

So now Yahoo announced their future plans, including the plans for the new Yahoo search experience. They said:

With more searches than ever for information-rich topics like music, movies, and news, we’ll be launching new, more visually compelling search results that let you discover information and be entertained all on one search result page.

Sound familiar to's thoughts? Yahoo is making the same or very similar steps to when they gave up on core search.

Yahoo said the changes coming include:

  • Entertainment – The new Yahoo! Search experience for entertainment-related searches will provide richer content results whether you’re searching for movies, music artists, or celebrities by combining images, news articles, videos, tweets, events, and ratings.
  • News – The new Yahoo! Search experience for news searches will be more conveniently organized with videos, images, articles, and tweets on a single page so you can immerse yourself in the headlines of your choice and stay in the loop on important updates as they develop.


Feel free to disagree, I certainly hope I am wrong.

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Rafi Hecht

09/20/2010 03:23 pm

It's a shame that Yahoo is letting itself go belly up. After cutting cost after cost, ultimately giving up on search, they now have a lot a great toys but no focus. At least with Google, the focus has always been "Search" no matter what they develop, be it Adwords or the Android OS. What's Yahoo's focus?

Michael Martinez

09/20/2010 05:34 pm

I wish them good luck with their new site search tool. I don't plan on using it much but I'll continue to use Yahoo! Finance.

jim hedger

09/20/2010 09:00 pm

what do you say to those who fail to learn from history eh? Sadly, I think you're absolutely right on this one Barry. Eighteen months later, Ichan's mincing minions almost look like a kinder and gentler death for the great Purple Cow.

Alish Houston

09/21/2010 11:04 am

Good to see that Yahoo! is adding some more features. They need to do this because % ratio for yahoo was getting comparatively lower than Google. Thanks for sharing it mate :)


09/21/2010 05:13 pm

This should be interesting. After the failure of, I wonder what Yahoo will try next to capture the market. I’m sure this will still be nothing compared to Google, but with Bing and now Yahoo attempting to create a new search engine, things can only get better for end users in my opinion.

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