Google Inviting Publishers To An "AdSense Phone Consultation"

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Some publishers are reporting at a WebmasterWorld thread that Google is asking them to participate in an AdSense phone consultation.

The publishers are saying that when they log into their AdSense account, they see a message that reads:

You're invited to an AdSense Phone Consultation

I can tell you I had personal calls with Google about AdSense optimization. Mine didn't lead anywhere yet, but that is my fault, not theirs. It was not requested via the Google interface, but a direct phone call.

One publisher said it helped them tremendously:

Had an 'unexpected' phone conversation with Adsense team last year, and it was really helpful. Earnings picked up by 20-30% after implementing those tips.

Google's AdSenseAdvisor in the WebmasterWorld forums said:

Thanks for all of your feedback on this topic. I just wanted to confirm that we're testing out different ways to reach out to groups of AdSense publishers to optimize their AdSense implementations. While I can't guarantee that everyone will receive an offer at this time, I hope that those who do will give our suggestions a try. In the meantime, I encourage you to ensure that you're opted in to receiving 'Performance Suggestion' emails from our team so that you can be included in any future emails our team sends out.

Note, not all publishers are receiving these requests.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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