Google Instant: Predictions Were Right

Sep 8, 2010 • 4:10 pm | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Who doesn't love saying, "told you so"? My predictions and examples of search as you type were dead on. Google announced the launch of Google Instant.

Here is a quick video I made:

Tons and tons of coverage on the announcement. Key things for webmasters, SEOs and advertisers?

(1) SEO is not dead despite what some people say. Google is still showing search results, SEOs will work with that.

(2) Paying for AdWords has changed a bit, make sure to monitor your search volume and ad spend this week. When someone searches using Google Instant, ad impressions are counted in these situations:

  • The user begins to type a query on Google and clicks anywhere on the page (a search result, an ad, a spell correction, a related search).
  • The user chooses a particular query by clicking the Search button, pressing Enter, or selecting one of the predicted queries.
  • The user stops typing, and the results are displayed for a minimum of three seconds.

(3) Hate it? There are already dozens of threads out there in the Google Web Search Help forum with complaints. You can turn it off by clicking on "Settings" and then "Search Settings." Then go to the bottom of that page and turn on "Instant Search."

Also make sure to check out the commentary on this over at Search Engine Land over the next day or so. And @iVany has dozens of pictures from Google Search Event.

Personally, I like it.

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09/08/2010 11:04 pm

Hey Rusty, I also had a hunch that something big was on its way. Didn't quite expect this and still haven't made my mind up about it, I am sure it will catch on and prove to be very popular but as always with Google there is a sting in the tail. I have done a brief write up on the Websearch Forum - (note that autocomplete cannot be deactivated as per Kelly post) DanielRoofer

James Wade Weaver

09/18/2010 05:50 pm

I couldn't agree with you more. I don't think SEO will ever go away. To be honest, I like search instant! Thanks for the post


02/17/2011 02:20 am

Hey there - thanks for your post. I'm a bit late here but found your blog while trying to search for an answer to this:- Where does google pull their keyword prediction list from? Most recent searches? Most searched over time? Country market specific? Or all of the above? I'm optimising for a particular term that always shows up as a long tail prediction yet when I search in the google keyword tool absolutely NO searches are made for same?

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