How To Sell Links On Your Web Site

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A WebmasterWorld has discussion around a topic I don't think I ever covered... How does one sell links on their web site without getting penalized? Of course, you can nofollow the links but what about not nofollowing them?

First bet is to not do what we do here, because we are penalized. :)

But what can you do to sell links to sites, make some cash on the side and not be impacted by Google's almightily PageRank penalties? The thread has a few suggestions including:

(1) Make sure to always control the link text and URL manually (2) Only link to relevant sites (3) Link to sites that don't seem banned or sketchy (4) Do long term link sales, so it is less of a rotating ad network (5) Site wide foot links or side bar links are a red flag (6) Don't advertise the links are for sale

I think I can go on and on, so feel free to add your own or discussion.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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08/05/2010 02:42 pm

Text link sales with nofollow links work well for resource websites and 'list' websites like mine. People are ready to pay subscription fee if your website can indeed deliver targeted traffic.


08/05/2010 03:26 pm

Great advice, if you keep it clean and under the radar you should be fine - and avoid off topic sitewide link like the plague (they're not worth much anyway)


08/05/2010 11:26 pm

I'll sell links, not that I often do. Most people who contact me want to pay me $15 a year for a link to their mixed martial arts site from my gardening site, or other equally stupid combinations. I will never sell a link that is off topic, nor will I ever sell a link for a sitewide footer or any other position on the page that looks clumsy and obvious. I will only sell a link for inclusion within content that looks natural and that it could have been placed there for free. I also charge a premium for links, because I am selective. If someone thinks they can get good SERP results by buying a link from a place that'll sandwich their link between a link for car insurance and viagra, well, they can pay the cheap price they pay. If they want a high quality link from a content rich page on which they may be the only external link, they can pay me what it is worth.

William Vicary

08/06/2010 12:24 pm

I think it is perfectly reasonable to link to a similar website (and no I'm not talking gambling is similar to video games, although believe me some will argue it!) as long as it is done naturally, such as on a resource page or in a blogroll list. It becomes easy to spot when: - They aren't sitewide, but on the odd page - The anchor text isn't controlled, naming your anchor differently to the website name is the #1 identifier of paid links IMO - you need to be very creative not to get caught out doing this. I wouldn't say sitewide footers/sidebar links are a bad thing though, unless they are unrelated plenty of websites have blogroll's and it wouldn't be fair to blanket ban because of these!

SEO Professionals

08/23/2011 11:48 pm

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