How To Hide News Sources in Google News

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As many of you know, Google recently redesign Google News and yea, made several tweaks after the never ending user complaints. Still people hate it but one of the biggest issues prior to the redesign was not being able to block sites you don't want to show up on Google News.

Most of those complaints come from people who either hate conservative angled news sources or hate liberal news sources. Last December we wrote a post on how many people were upset over Fox News showing in Google News. I suggested Google News should add a liberal - conservative slider. But instead, they added "news settings" or "source preferences."

To access it, go to Google News, click on the settings at the top right and then select news settings:

Google News Source Preferences

You are then taken to a form where you can personalize your news tastes by telling Google sites you like or dislike:

Google News Source Preferences

So for all of you who love or hate Fox News, you can now actually change how Google News shows you news.

This should be applauded.

Forum discussion at Google News Help.

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07/27/2010 07:26 am

I like google, because google provides many facilities, so i always want to go with google not other search engine.


09/12/2012 05:12 pm

Its not that we hate Fox News, its that Fox News is not news at all, its outright blatant propaganda organ and not a real news source. Its a blatant obvious propaganda horn masquerading as a News agency. What if a porn site tacked on "News" to the end of its name, would it then be a news site? No.


11/15/2012 08:05 am

"ts not that we hate Fox News, its that Fox News is not news at all, its outright blatant propaganda organ and not a real news source. Its a blatant obvious propaganda horn masquerading as a News agency." I think you are dishonest. Fox is biased. But so are many other news sources, often the other way and often to same degree. Try to find a news source that mentions WMD claims under Clinton, rather than just WMD claims under Bush. 8 years ago it was extremely important to "average" news source to cover the afghanistan american casualties. Each news story that covered american dead mentioned the name "Bush" in first paragraphs. Now the average casualties are up 4x per year and not important, and very rare to see Obama's name mentioned in such a story if it appears. Similar with military tribunals, gitmo bay, drone attacks in pakistan, etc. Try to find a story in New York Times, etc, that is negative about Obama, positive about Bush, etc. Same thing in mirror as Fox, looking at each site, eg Fox says "Obama Again Blames Bush", NYT says "Rommey Blames Loss on Obama's Gifts", each side makes contrast of how bitter other side supposedly is to how nice our side is.


11/15/2012 08:08 am

If you *only* want to hear news that is biased towards your side, then you probably would like Putin's Russia and similar places where government controls the national news services, and even better would love a fascist state with your sides hero as "leader".

Svlad Cjelli

06/06/2013 11:15 am

Fox News always dominates my news results with sensationalized stories with provocative headlines. Glad to be rid of them.


10/04/2013 04:37 pm

Okay then, how do I block ALL news?


01/25/2014 06:44 pm

It's great to block Media Matters.(the Soros funded left wing shill news site.) But it's these small time homo news sites that are annoying. I mean literal homo-sex advocating sites. You should be able to block specific 'news' sources on Google news. And it's not only about blocking leftist sites, or whatever your opposing propaganda you want to avoid, it's these fan generated news/sports sites like 'Bleacher Reports' that you should be able to block..


07/28/2014 12:23 am

You don't need any browser plugins, scripts, news-vendor configuration or memberships to block a click-through to any site (but you will still see the link/lead). Location: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts Create a shortcut to hosts, add it to your Desktop. Open it with Notepad or Wordpad. Add lines like this to block any site: Save your edit, close the file, they won't get any click-throughs from you again.

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