Hate Fox on Google News? Join the Google Club

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Everyone talks about how liberal Google is and how it may bias their objectivity in the search results and their other agendas. But every day, I check the Google News Forum and see complaints from "liberals" that Google News shows Fox News, a very conservative news source, in the Google News search results and home page. The more I see the complaints, the more I see that Google is not politically bias in their search results.

Just take a quick scan of the Google News Forum and see how many complaints there are about Fox News being included:

Fox News Debate on Google News Forum

I find it a bit comical to be honest. I did think it would be nice to give searchers an option about how liberal or conservative they want the news to be. I asked they create a liberal & conservative news slider control that allows users to adjust how liberal or conservative the news gets. Of course, if Google did that, they would have to label each news source as liberal/conservative or pick up words on a page that make a news source liberal or conservative. That can get a bit hairy.

I just thought I point out the daily activity in this Google News Forum.

Forum discussion at Google News Forum.

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