Bring Back The Old Google News Design

Jul 19, 2010 • 8:27 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

19 days ago, Google launched a redesign for Google News. Many many many users absolutely hated the design. Last week, Google finally responded with a tweak to the design, giving people a way to show a second column.

But many still miss the basic old layout that they have grown to love.

If you are one of those, and if you use Firefox, you can download a greasemonkey script to get the told design back.

A Google News Help thread discusses the script, which can be viewed here and downloaded here. Note, this is not something Google put together, it is written by a third-party.

Hopefully that helps some of you who really hate the redesign.

Forum discussion at Google News Help.

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07/19/2010 06:14 pm

At the end of the day it is good to test different things and Google probably had good data showing them that maybe going back to the old feel made sense.

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