Advanced Paid Search Tactics: Search & Social Spring Summit

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Today and tomorrow I will be covering some of the sessions from the Search & Social Spring Summit based in Tampa, Florida. The coverage is more "note" type as opposed to live blogging format. Here is coverage of the Advanced Paid Search Tactics session with Dave Szetela, Ryan Sammy, Janel Landis Laravie moderated by Loren Baker.

Dave Szetela

Facebook PPC

- Facebook has huge reach - Facebook has unprecedented targeting

Creating Ads - - Create a new account, don't use your account for advertising - More rules for Facebook ads compared to Google ads - Create a new ad right away and specify targeting - He shows more screen shots of the ad setup - You can specify your audiences "likes" and "dislikes" by keyword - They now have a beta version of conversion tracking, like Google

Google AdWords: - There is a setting to get your ad in Gmail, do it - Conversion optimizer works well, he recommends you try it - New stat in AdWords named "View through conversions" can be useful - Use the more opportunities tool - Be careful with content network, make sure your ads show up on the sites you want. - Try out Google Sitelinks

Janel Landis Laravie

Match Types - Broad - you never know what you will get - Phrase - Exact

- Run the search query report to see which keywords run under which match types - Use separate ad groups for your exact match terms, this way you do not compete against yourself with you broad or phrase match keywords and monitor those bids

Yahoo - You can target your ads to search network or content network. She said no one knows about this, but they did announce it a while back. - They copied the campaigns and changed settings to split them up based on content vs search network. Gives you more control. - Ad delivery report shows you which partner site does well and which do not - Sometimes keywords you don't think would do well, do well, so let things run and watch them

Ryan Sammy

- Google AdWords Product Extensions - AdWords Sitelinks - Google Remarketing, shows ads to them via content network based on previous activity (my comment: just FYI, this is not paid search, its a form of behavioral targeting under contextual ads, but not paid search. he spent a lot of time on this)

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05/04/2010 02:42 pm

I am not let down with your reporting, but let down by these "advanced" seminars. The information you are relaying (and from what I've seen at different 'advanced' seminars) is a step above basic at best. It's outlandish that these seminars charge what they do and spew out information that most marketers on their game already know. I would feel like an ass if I paid money for this seminar. There needs to be a call for more in-depth information and detailed strategy in these seminars that you can't find by doing a simple Google search.

Barry Schwartz

05/04/2010 02:43 pm

Dennis, please do not use my raw notes as a representative of the true content of the session. They really do offer value, really.

Janel Laravie

05/04/2010 04:19 pm

Regarding my session on Yahoo - It is not content. This is Yahoo Search versus Yahoo Search Partners. Content and Search are very different. Thanks!!!

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