Yahoo Says Users Not Searching More Often

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Since Yahoo is no longer a search company, they have decided to publish papers proving that search is now a losing business. Yahoo's search model developing a new face from reports Yahoo released papers at the World Wide Web Conference in Raleigh, N.C. saying search is a dying technology, in other words.

Yahoo used data from their Toolbar to come up with:

It found that people only spend about one-sixth of their online time performing searches. That compares with half of their time for browsing and one-third for communicating, according to aggregated data pulled from the Yahoo Toolbar, a downloadable browser feature that provides quick links to a user's favorite content.

"By looking at the dramatic technological progress (in online search), you'd think that users would increasingly gravitate toward search to run their lives," said Prabhakar Raghavan, who was recently promoted to chief scientist at Yahoo. "But in fact, what we're seeing is that fraction of time isn't particularly growing."

"That begs the question," he added, "what are the new drivers of what we traditionally thought of as search?"

Interesting, being that Yahoo says they are still focused on search - but many think otherwise.

What do you think?

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No Name

05/04/2010 04:04 pm

This only shows that, ultimately, Yahoo gave up. This would be like GM or some other auto manufacturer throwing in the towel, then showing how people really only spend 1/10th of their time driving and the rest of their time working, eating, watching TV, etc... Just because people don't spend a majority of their time in a given situation does not mean that market ceases to exist. Furthermore, there are still plenty of people who do not have Internet access at all, or who have weak Internet access. As the Internet market continues to boom, the usage of the Internet will continue to go up, and any niche in that market will continue to do well.

Michael Martinez

05/04/2010 06:06 pm

Yahoo! needs to stop pretending to be interested in search and just go away. My Yahoo! referrals have dropped by half in the past 2 months. I will soon start blocking Slurp from my sites because the return on investment just won't be there.


05/04/2010 06:51 pm

What Yahoo toolbar collected is certainly true! Because it is the report that was made on the users who spent on Yahoo only! and not on the WWW! When compare to other search engines, Google has the major space and many computers with internet connection has Google as the default search engine! Even they found Yahoo, they opt for Google! In this case, their statement is true! ;)

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