Google May Disclose AdSense Revenue Split, But Publishers Don't Care

Feb 2, 2010 • 8:12 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

Jeff Jarvis wrote that Google is considering disclosing the share of AdSense revenue they share with their publishers. In fact, we have been reporting the approximate revenue share almost every time Google releases a financial statement. Some publishers seem to want to know how much Google is keeping and how much they are giving to their publishers.

A WebmasterWorld thread threw me for a bit of a loop. Many publishers in the thread don't want to know how much Google is giving publishers of the revenue. They simply do not want to know. One publisher said:

Maybe I've glossed over the arguments for knowing the revenue splits, but I have no idea how this would benefit publishers.

Most people agreed with that statement. BillyS backed it up saying:

I really don't care about the split - it's meaningless to me. I have no idea how much it costs Goolge to maintain the integrity of the system.

I am really curious if this is the popular vote. I have set up an anonymous poll. Please take the poll and have your publisher friends take it.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Darrin Ward

02/02/2010 01:27 pm

Of course they should tell us the share. Why anyone would willfully be ignorant to how much their getting paid is beyond me. They don't know how it will benefit publishers? Simple - competitors will step-up and offer a greater share, which will hopefully forced Google to respond by going even higher. Sure, AdSense competitors don't have the same ad inventory, but that's a separate topic.

No Name

05/12/2010 10:06 pm

It would be interesting to know but that is about all. It will not change anything, will it? If Google is giving me $2 a click and now I know what their share is how does that help me make more money?

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