Add Real Time Content to Your Google Maps Listing

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The Google Lat Long Blog announced businesses can now add real time information to their business listings. How does it work? It is honestly a bit tricky.

You would think you would "Edit" your business listing in Google Local Business Center. But no, instead you click on the "View report" link under the statistics section of that page. Then you are presented with a box to add a quick real-time message to your business listing (Places Page) on Google Maps.

On the top right of the statistics page is this box where owners can add information:

Google Local Business Real Time Info

Here is me adding some info that may expire soon:

Google Local Business Real Time Info

And here is that information showing up on my business listing in minutes:

Google Local Business Real Time Info

Clearly, if you have a very active Google Maps listing, this can come in handy.

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Nina Greaves

01/18/2010 01:50 pm

I can't see this in my UK profile, is this just for USA?

Nina Greaves

01/18/2010 02:04 pm

I found it just now - thank for this!

No Name

01/18/2010 02:09 pm

I wonder if that information will go towards ranking in any way, ie frequency of use or the content in the update or if it is purely a consumer facing enhancement.


01/18/2010 02:59 pm

Once you can link this to a RSS or a twitter account, then it may find it useful. Until then it's just something funny that may help some people, but not sure if it's worth the effort for me.


12/09/2010 10:35 am

Great, thanks. We have an active Maps listing, offered a limited time discount code, so be interesting to see if it gets used!

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