Yahoo Search January 2010 Update?

Jan 6, 2010 • 8:46 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

There is a single report at a WebmasterWorld thread of a possible Yahoo Search update. Senior member, textex, is noticing changes in the Yahoo Search results, but clearly, the Yahoo Search Blog has not posted anything since December 15th.

Typically, when it comes to Yahoo Search updates - we normally see it being reported in the forums before Yahoo posts anything on their blog about it. Also, we typically see Yahoo Search update every quarter or so and the last update was in September 2009, so we are do an update.

Do you notice any ranking changes in Yahoo or a shift in your Yahoo referrals?

Note: As Yahoo loses market share, less and less webmasters and SEOs are concerned about Yahoo. So it doesn't surprise me to see such little activity in the thread at this point. I do hope the thread picks up.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/06/2010 03:31 pm

Yep I have noticed a shift in my sites Yahoo! rankings this month - and not a positive shift either...Apart from on one search term I went from ranking 88th to 1st since November. Bizarre.


01/06/2010 04:47 pm

Looks to me like its more a result of all of the Paid Inclusion (SSP) finally being removed.


01/06/2010 06:39 pm

Yep, I agree, Paid Inclusion has been removed and the rankings are shifting. I checked my top 10 terms in SSP and fortunately all still on the first page, but all not at #1 :(


01/08/2010 11:03 am

I can confirm that, too. Lost #1 Ranking after Paid Inclusion has been removed, luckily I have an "organic" top 5 ranking for that term.

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