Google AdWords Paralysis: Advertisers Afraid to Change Campaigns

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I've been holding on this topic for after the holiday break. A new and long WebmasterWorld thread has great discussion over the topic of AdWords advertisers being afraid to make change to their accounts. Why are they afraid? Well, they are afraid of being banned or their Quality Score dropping where they cannot compete and so on.

So what do they do? They slowly die out. As one advertiser explained:

We are afraid to do anything. We are not adding ads. We are not taking advantage of the new stuff google is offering. We just delete ads as they drop in QS. We are paralyzed and slowly dying.

The thread moved into the discussion of how Google treats affiliates in the AdWords space. Now, we discussed that often and maybe only affiliates feel paralyzed in AdWords, I am not sure. But I wanted to get a good feel from the AdWords advertiser base, if you feel this way also.

Please take my poll: AdWords Advertiser: Do You Feel Paralyzed?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Tim Cohn

12/28/2009 05:56 pm

Great question Barry.

No Name

12/29/2009 03:56 pm

If you got big bucks to spend, you could make all the changes in the world and even plenty of mistakes, yet Google will make sure the campaign runs without a hitch. Those who are afraid ought to be because you're only going to get banned if you do something wrong.


12/29/2009 06:25 pm

The ones who are afraid either know they are doing something wrong or are dealing with a borderline type of shady advertising. If you have a legit product or service you are advertising, Google will have no issue with it.

No Name

01/04/2010 04:21 am

A scholar once said "It's better to burn out than fade away." Or was that def leppard?


01/13/2010 07:16 pm

Yes, I'm very afraid to make changes to my Google Adwords campaigns. If things are working the way they are it isn't worth touching the campaign or adding new URLS. There is too much risk of decreased quality score and at worst getting banned from AdWords. Since Google offers you virtually no 1 on 1 help for your campaigns. I just stick with what works and leave them running.

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