Google Images Trying Bing's "Infinite Scroll"?

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I may be totally misunderstanding a post from swainzy in Cre8asite Forums, but maybe not. Swainzy is upset that she cannot change the number of results shown in Google Image Search, just like this person at the Google Web Search Help thread.

But what Swainzy added later seemed to imply to me that Google is testing Bing's infinite scroll feature, which continues to show you more and more pictures as you scroll the page.

She said:

G. may be over riding how many images you can see on one page but wow, it's much faster and the new page stays where you were on the last page. So if you are at the bottom, you don't have to see the image ads anymore.

Is Google copying Bing, who copied someone else?

I personally like the infinite scroll on Bing. Give it a try for red panda at Bing, just scroll and you will see what I mean.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

Update: Google confirmed this test, a spokesperson told me:

We're continually testing new interfaces and features to enhance the user experience. What you describe below was one such test, which only a small percentage of users saw. We don't have any additional details to share at this time but I hope that helps. For more information on the experiments we run, please see:

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No Name

12/14/2009 03:35 pm

If Google goes with infinite scroll with Google Images, it won't mean they are "copying Bing". Google already ran this test several years ago with before Microsoft ever did such a thing. Aside from this, the entire design of the web is from copying. So, pointing out how one company implements a feature which is similar to another company's feature on the Internet is like pointing out how someone misused the word "there", "they're", or "their" on the Internet. I suppose it gives you an endless supply of posts, but it shows a total lack of imagination.

Barry Schwartz

12/14/2009 03:57 pm

I was being sarcastic. I should have expressed that sarcasm better.


12/14/2009 05:11 pm

The search for "red panda" stops at 1000 although there r over 30,000 results


12/14/2009 07:22 pm

Why have infinite scroll for image search only? Doesn't it make sense for all searches, *especially* regular web searches?

Barry Schwartz

12/15/2009 02:07 am

No Name, looking at the dates, Live Search had it before Google SearchMash, a few months before.


01/18/2011 09:36 pm

Live had it first, too bad your theory was proved wrong BOOM theoryshot!


07/02/2011 10:06 pm

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