Google Money Scams Take To Phone?

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We have been reporting about the Google AdSense scam, that rides on the Google name and takes people money, with virtually no return, for a long time now. We first mentioned the Google Money System or Google Kit back in March, and then we blasted Google for allowing AdWords advertisers to advertise for such scams the month after. Finally, Google did something about it by banning these advertisers and then writing about the scam publicly, so people are more aware.

It now seems like these scam artists are taking their business and marketing offline by making cold calls to random businesses. An AdSense publisher posted a thread at Google AdSense Help telling a story that his parents received a phone call from someone claiming to work at Google. The person tried to convince his parents to sign up to Google AdSense. The story is not incredibly clear, since it comes third hand, but it would not surprise me if these scams are making their way to phone scams.

The one thing I should add is that Google has been pushing the AdSense marketing budget a bit. They recently started doing AdSense radio ads to try to help educate people about the product and drive more publishers to use it. So there is a possibility that Google set up a sales team to encourage publishers to use AdSense, via cold calling. But it seems not too likely, in my opinion.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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11/19/2009 05:18 pm

I am wondering now about the phone calls I rec'd from google reps - if they were google reps...........213-426-2763, 213-426-2701, 800-466-4411? They called to sell me the Google money kit & wanted all my personal info/ credit.

Chris Mileham

04/22/2010 11:19 am

hi I would like you to know that S.A.M in Spain posing as a company who will do legal work for you are just major scam outfit. Say no to any thing they tell you.

David Warren

01/04/2013 05:18 pm

My business is getting phone calls telling me if I dont advertise thru google + for a fee of $299.00 a year they will list my business as permently closed . Report the scam to the BBB

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