Google Finally Adds Domain Change Tool & Launches New Webmaster Tools Design

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Back in early 2006, we called for a Google Certified Domain Change solution to allow webmasters to communicate to Google when we move domains. Moving domains is one of the biggest concerns SEOs and webmasters have for when it comes to losing rankings in Google.

This tool, named the change of address feature allows you to verify two domains in Google Webmaster Tools and then tell Google that one verified domain is moving to another verified domain.

There is complete documentation on how this works at this Google document. Plus, you should 100% read the moving your site guidelines before making such a move. Here is a picture of the change address form.

One issue is that the change of address feature seems like it is currently not working. Scott Clark posted in Google Webmaster Help that when he tries the feature, it returns an error that reads, "Hm. Something isn't right. We're checking into it now." Googlers said they are looking into the issue and hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

In addition to the change of address feature, Google also launched the new Google Webmaster Tools design, which they have been testing for just about a month. Plus, Google added a neat feature to be emailed when a message is sent in the Google Webmaster Tools message box.

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Update: The issues with the new webmaster tools and change of address feature have now been resolved.

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06/11/2009 02:11 pm

The email notification of a Google messages is actually great. Since it you will know straight away something went wrong and requires attention. The worst scenario before was when you get a call from a client screaming – Our site is nowhere!!!! Or if you just notice that one of your AdSense sites just flatlined....


06/11/2009 06:01 pm

Google domain change tool will be of great help for SEO people. This is a great solution to our problem of keeping our rankings although we move from domain to domain. Sad thing, an error is still present and is hindering this good news.

Jaan Kanellis

06/11/2009 09:23 pm

The only problem is if you have already made the change over you cant add the domain in if it is dead or already redirecting. I wish their was a way to verify the domain and then add the redirect post switch over.

R Deering

06/12/2009 07:21 pm

If I understand this correctly, you still have to do a 301 or 302 redirect, you just dont have to wait the 2 weeks for Google to index it?

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