When Is The Best Time To Send Out Link Requests

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The topic of link requests is not new to this site. We covered it many times. Personally, I mark all link exchange or link requests emails as spam - I simply don't play that game. Not that I think it is not something that might be necessary for some link building campaigns, but I am not in that market. That being said, if you were to send out a link request email, when would you do it?

I have set up a poll, that allows you to select multiple days and times. Select all that you feel are the best times to send out a link request email. We will assume sending out link requests on holidays is a bad idea, so I left that out. Please take the poll:

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04/07/2009 01:48 pm

I actually put together an exhaustive list of my link requests sorted by time/day/week/month sent, and I've found that Tuesday's between 8-Noon are the best. Nobody will pay attention to your request on Monday (After The Weekend Syndrome) or Friday (Before The Weekend Syndrome. Plus they normally go to a webmaster, and they won't pass that along till Monday). What's left are T-Th. I've found Wednesday (hump day) to be mildly successful, as well as with Thursday. But overall, Tuesday (before lunch) is where I strike gold.

Michael Martinez

04/07/2009 06:29 pm

I vote for "NEVER". If you're going to ask for links, doing it on a schedule isn't nearly as important (in my opinion) as having a darned good reason to contact the Webmaster. Maybe "ANY TIME" would be a better option.

Rein Valdez

04/08/2009 07:44 am

The best time to send links was on the before 12 midnight for Google update for the next day. :)

Ilan Hertz

04/08/2009 08:40 am

As I live in Israel and our week starts on a sunday and not on a monday, I think the preffered day to send a link request is a bit different than the rest of the world.

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