When Construction Happens, Who Updates Google Maps Directions?

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Construction. It is the one word commuters hate hearing. But it is everywhere and mapping providers, such as Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and MapQuest need to be aware of these construction zones in order to have up-to-date directions.

So what is the process of updating these zones, so that commuters have the proper driving directions? While I am not sure of that answer, I spotted two Google thread discussing two major construction zones.

The first Google Groups thread talks about construction closers on I-64/US Hwy 40 between I-710 and S. Kingshighway Blvd in St. Louis, Missouri. It is annoying for those that live there to have to manually change the starting routes to go around this zone, but it is also surprising for tourists to use the directions and then get stuck in a construction zone. That being said, the thread was initially created on December 31st and now, on January 13th, a Google representative said:

Just wanted to update you that this bug has been logged with both our team and with our map data vendor. However, I can't provide you with a specific time when this issue may be resolved.

So it appears that both Google needs to know about this, as well as their mapping vendor.

The second thread is similar, but talks about the 35W Bridge reopening, and thus should be a valid route for Google Maps directions. In this case, a Google representative said, "we're aware of this issue and working to update our data to reflect the operational status of this road segment."

Overall, it seems like Google does have some flexibility on their side to make mapping changes, in terms of directions, but it also seems they need to communicate those changes to their mapping vendors.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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01/13/2009 04:15 pm

Mapquest has been making changes like this in reaction to long term closures and construction for quite awhile. The I-35W bridge example is a case in point; the day the bridge collapsed, Mapquest manually adjusted their data to prevent routing across the bridge. They also worked with the Minnesota DOT to route drivers along detour routes MnDOT specified. When the replacement bridge was opened, Mapquest was ready right away to reflect the new route by manually adjusting their data again. Mapquest currently has several such closures in place and welcomes any information about construction, closures, or emergencies. You can contact them via their help site at http://help.mapquest.com/jive/mqfeedback.jspa

Chris W.

10/07/2012 06:39 pm

I used to use Microsoft streets and trips which could get updated construction info with a simple click. Just sayin...

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