Top Two Feature Request for Google AdWords: Share Your Two Cents

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About a week ago, we broke the news that Google AdWords has a voting tool to allow advertisers vote on the most important features they want added to Google AdWords. It has been a week and now that many votes are in. AdWordsPro Sarah posted the top two requests:

  1. To be able to set different bids on Search Partners for my adwords campaigns!
  2. Give advertisers more control over broad matches. Specifically, give them the option to turn off expanded broad matches. This could be a campaign level setting.

These two requests are great ideas, but if you want your idea to be on the list, head over to the AdWords Wish List and add or vote for your ideas.

This is a great way for Google to organize what they think advertisers really want and thus prioritize feature requests.

Forum discussion at AdWords Help group.

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