Google AdSense Sending Out Scary Christmas E-Cards?

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So, we all know Google AdSense is cutting off holiday gifts this year. There were many insulted publishers. So, I figured Google would at least send out e-cards before the holidays. And some are now receiving these e-cards.

But those receiving the e-cards are afraid they are sent by spammers. In fact, one AdSense publisher said, "it looks like spam, what are they thinking?" Another said that he will "just delete instead of download" the email. Here is what the email said, and it came from the Google Sydney team:

Dear {this bit was blank},

You have just received a message from Google AdSense Team at Visual Jazz.

To view your message, please visit the following address: {redacted, but the domain included a subdomain 'marketing' and a domain appropriate to the company name above, followed by a long alphanumeric pagename}

To unsubscribe, reply to this email and change the subject to be: unsubscribe

E-cards can be done very nicely or they can be done not so nicely. It is sad to see the beloved Google getting so much bad karma towards them over the holiday season.

I did receive an e-card from a good PR person at Yahoo, it looked like this and led to here.

Yahoo Scrapebook

Hope to hear more happy news next week.

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12/19/2008 09:42 pm

My adsense 'gift' was telling me how I should optimize by website for google. Saying things like "users and search engines like fresh content." Very bizarre, why is my advertising provider telling my how to run my site?

diarmuid ryan

12/21/2008 07:11 pm

looks like adsense spam to any rate not giving gifts is unsurprising, every1 got to tighten their belts, even with billions in bank..


12/28/2009 06:23 am

What a twisted mind idea!

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